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A Quick Trip to Traverse City for Pie {Grand Traverse Pie Co., MI}

A Quick Trip to Traverse City for Pie {Grand Traverse Pie Co., MI} | Nevermore Lane #travel #foodie

My birthday weekend was a lot of fun and I am thankful for that time spent with my Michigan Bestie, but the weekend would not of been complete without pie from my favorite pie place in Michigan; Grand Traverse Pie Co. Once upon a time you could only get this great, wonderful, fantastic pie in Traverse City or at select grocers. And quite often, the grocers sell out of these amazing pies. This is hands down the best place to get strawberry rhubarb crumble pie. The ex would swear they had the best cherry pie in the nation; which makes sense seeing as how Traverse City is the cherry capital. 

Since I was spending the weekend with Tanya in a cabin in Bellaire, MI, I was lucky that Traverse City was only 45 minutes away. For the record, Traverse City is about 3 hours from my house which is why I don’t get up there very often.

Another reason I wanted to go to Traverse City was because I wanted to see the water. I needed to smell the air. I needed to be with the people. There are so many reasons why I love this town. There are some things coming up in my life which I am anxious to tell you guys about; but not just yet! But there was another reason I wanted to stop in town. There was a building and a view I needed to check out. 😉

traverse city view

Tanya and I arrived only to find out it was the film festival weekend. That meant traffic and a giant cluster of people all over.

But we made it to the Grand Traverse Pie Co. in one piece and with hungry bellies. We even enjoyed the Grand Traverse Grilled Cheese complete with local made cheese, bacon and tomato.

A Quick Trip to Traverse City for Pie {Grand Traverse Pie Co., MI} | Nevermore Lane #travel #foodie

Good news is, there are more Grand Traverse Pie Co.’s opening up around the state. However, I feel like I am cheating on Traverse City if I eat the pie elsewhere.

A Quick Trip to Traverse City for Pie {Grand Traverse Pie Co., MI} | Nevermore Lane #travel #foodie

But damn, it’s such good pie!

Making memories. Yup, I’m doing it.

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  1. That pie looks so good. I am always willing to travel for good food. And I feel like restaurants are best at the location they started at.

  2. Love me some Traverse City and Cherries!!! Where in Michigan do you live and how did I not know this?!?! I can’t go long without a trip to Traverse and last month I made quite a few. This is one of my kiddos favorite picks for their birthday treats!

    1. Yah for Michigan friends!!!! I love TC; its one of my favorite places here in MI.
      I live in Birch Run … but I also stay a bit in Clarkston with some friends while I am in class and study. Great study partners there. I have friends scattered all over like Swartz Creek, Saginaw and Flat Rock. Of course my family is scattered all over the state too!
      Where are you??

  3. I have certain places I go for certain things. My milkshake trips take me 2 hours to get there but so worth it. That pie would be heaven and I love bacon on my grilled cheese.

  4. This Rhubarb Strawberry Crumb Pie looks so delicious. I can see why you would say Grand Traverse Pie has the best pies. Thanks for sharing this amazing place and city.

  5. Oh, I love pies. This is a nice one, I can say that it is delicious. I wish we have Grand Traverse Pie here.

  6. I’ve always been a cake person. But I’ve recently realized how much goodness I’ve been missing out on. Pie is fantastic, and the Grand Traverse Pie Co. looks incredible.

  7. That grilled cheese with bacon and tomato sounds amazing. I’ve never heard of Grand Traverse Pie, but dang it does sound amazing.

  8. I grew up in Metro Detroit (Michigan) but never really got up to Michigan. Now that I am in TN makes me realize all the places I have missed. I am going to have to head up to Traverse City to try out the Grand Traverse Pie Co next time I am up in Michigan visiting.

  9. I absolutely love all different kinds of cakes! I need to get here ASAP, I’m pretty sure I’d be in my glory haha!

  10. That pie looks amazing. I could go for a slice of that right now. I wish I lived closer. I’d love to visit and try out the pie.

  11. We have family who travel to Traverse City and they just love it there. I wonder if they’ve had the pie. 😉

  12. Glad you had a blast on your birthday. That’s a yummy looking pie! I have a friend in Michigan and we hope to visit her soon. I hope we’ll get to check this pie place too.

  13. Now I want a grilled cheese and some pie, lol. That pie really looks good. One of the best parts of traveling is trying new foods!

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