Would YUM Want a Personal Chef?


Happy Monday! Did you all have a great weekend?? I know I had a wonderful time at the lake and can’t wait to share all my goodies with you!

Ready for today’s question?

Monday, May 5, 2014
Would you ever want a personal chef, or do you enjoy cooking your own meals?

I am not ashamed to admit that as much as I love cooking, I would love to have a personal chef at my disposal. How great would that be? I feel like I could learn so much from a personal chef because I would want to sit in the kitchen and watch. Also, another thing that would make me happy is to tell a personal chef that I need to eat a low carb lower calorie diet for weight loss. S/he would be able to create so many wonderful dishes. I could focus on getting healthy and not worrying so much about whether or not my family is going to like it. They would eat whatever the chef made, I am sure of that. I think I would give the chef a day off here and there so I could cook. If I don’t cook, then YUM would not exist!

What about you, would you like a personal chef?

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  1. OMG! That would be so cool although I would love to cook every once in a while. Personal Chefs do the dishes too right?

    Advantages of a personal chef would be I could put the pressure of what to cook, then cook it and then clean up and do the dishes. I so could go for that!

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