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My Julie and Julia Moment

My Julie and Julia Moment
We all have them, those aha moments that make you wonder “Why am I not doing that???” I am a little behind on the J&J wagon as I just saw this movie about a month ago. Yes, people, I am behind in the time and even slower at putting together a blog. I write for a living, and school is just one constant writing project, the last thing I want to really do in what little free time I have is write more.
Not really, that last part was just a bad attempt at my typical sarcasm. Truth is, I LOVE to write and I love to share and tell stories. The problem is I am just too busy to really sit down and pound the keyboard for a wonderful, fun-filled blog post.

I have tried to put together a J&J blog but really had no idea where to take it. I told Matt long before I watched the movie that we needed to invest in a decent, nothing too fancy, digital camera so we could be like Shaytards and YouTube our every move. However, Shaytard is pretty funny, I am not. I can however write, and I can cook. I love to do both. So what can I do? I want to blog and to vlog, I want to be part of this fun world too! Who would watch me? I am sure no one, but it sure as heck would be fun.
So, I decided after watching countless hours in the middle of the night while faced with insomnia – cooking shows- and realizing that those of us who live in smaller towns with limited access to fresh markets, corner markets, and big fancy grocery stores – needed a show that was better suited for us normal folks. Nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, but with all the fun ooey gooey goodness of any recipe out there. So, that has been in the back of my brain for the last couple of months. Once I saw Julie and Julia that idea pushed from the back of my brain in the dusty idea corner to the front of my brain where it keeps nagging at me day after day.

Step  1.

I need to buy a video camera.
Ok, so I am looking.
While clicking through my countless emails I noticed a blog where a blogger is doing her version of J&J by making the entire book of recipes vegetarian! Good for her. Today I found a blog that just finished. The blogger did her version of J&J by making all of the recipes from “The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene. I found myself clicking through, one after another.
One reason for my obsession? FOOD! Well, that and most of you know I am trying to get my weight back down. Last year Deb (Matt’s stepmom) gave me the book. I love it. There is so much truth to it. This morning I dusted it off as I want to incorporate some of the meal plans and recipes into my weight loss menu. I was searching around the internet for more recipes and message boards on this diet and that is what led me to the blog, which reminded me of the J&J movie and related blogs. Perhaps it is a sign? It could be a sign for my weight loss journey, a sign for a video blog idea, and a sign for my regular blog, who knows. But I do know it sure sounds like a lot of fun to cook and write; my two favorite things.

Step 2 – ?

I already have a blog,  got a Youtube account, I have a million cook books that are for healthy living, I already live on a budget for food and I already have a personal blog. I got it all. I have the workings of a comical, budget-friendly, healthy cooking show for normal people. Now, I just need to get a camera and a theme to start.

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