Happy Birthday – What YUM is All About

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My family and I sponsor a child named Leonidas. Today he turns 5. He’s from Guatemala. Leo lives with his mother and 2 sisters in a one bedroom concrete block home with a metal roof. Their water is delivered by barrel and they do have electricity. He loves playing soccer, enjoys singing, painting and loves to draw. Every few weeks he sends a letter, which one of his sisters will write for him, and he’ll color a picture for us.

Child International is the program we sponsor through and they have a center located in Guatemala. Our letters are translated and given to Leonidas’s family to read to him since he is still fairly young.

It warms my heart to know that even though sometimes it is hard for me to give up what little amount I send to them every month – when they are trying to live off of $195 a month – my $25 goes a long way. I know they need it more than I do.

His birthday is today, October 13 and it is not cost-effective due to postal rates for us to send something so Child International request we send them the money and they will send it to the office in Guatemala where the caseworker there will pick out toys and other gifts based on what we send. They are such wonderful people and speaking with them has been pure joy. What a wonderful job to have.

We are allowed to visit Leonidas and his family. We just need to let Child International know of our plans so that they may make arrangements.

While my dream has always been to travel to Ireland , there is something there I have to see, put to rest, and take care of (long story, another time, another place, another blog and soon to be a book.)

Someday – I hope to work hard on YUM eating and some of the proceeds will help me get my family to Guatemala with the hopes of meeting Leonidas and his family.

I know all my hard work is making a difference in his life.

That’s what YUM eating is all about. Bringing my table to yours, one plate at a time…. helping me to feed someone else.


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