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Mapping My Walk Check In


Thankfully I survived St. Patrick’s Day weekend, but it gave me a giant slap in the face and I had to face my reality. A reality I had been trying to avoid for so long.

Despite all of that, I still managed to get a few miles logged over the weekend. I forgot to turn my app on when I was out and about Saturday the 17th. So that day is empty.

Because I had to face reality over the weekend, so did Big M. He’s been having some of his own life reality lessons lately. So, hes been going with me on my walks in the morning. So far this week we have both been extremely motivated.


I should smile more often. I am not angry here, but it sure looks it. My pants and jacket were Old Navy clearance items I had found over the weekend. I thought today would be a good day to test the jacket out since I already wore the pants. I was able to find two pairs of pants in my size for half price. This purchase landed me a $30 gift card to use on a future purchase in April at Old Navy.

In the car on the way out of the driveway. I wish we could have gotten some photos of Casey. 

I have a lot of obstacles in my way right now. The only thing I can do is put my best foot forward and just keep trying. Every day.

New Balance Running Shoes: TJMaxx Clearance price $36.99

More information:
Available on iTunes
Map My Walk – Free
Map My Walk – Plus – $1.99
Map My Dog Walk – Free
They also have a program for runners, hikers, triathelets and cyclists.

When I dug around the website, I found the upgrade program gives you C25K , 5k and 10k programs. But….I learned a long time ago – free APP for THAT! You can see the Plus app is $1.99 and upgrades to the website vary $30/yr to $100/yr (pay monthly).

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  1. Start focusing on the wins. Today you walked. That is a win. You got Big M involved another win. You gave Casey an outing with you and Big M a doggy delight, another win. You have got to start focusing each step as a step forward. Build on each step. Don't ever lie to yourself, but don't abuse yourself either.

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