Old Mission Indian Cemetery {Hessel, MI}

The Native American Cemetery {Hessel, MI} | Nevermore Lane

I’m sad to say that this is my fourth and final (for now) post about my weekend getaway to Cedarville, Michigan. I can’t wait to see what the end of the summer holds when I get back up there again. I do have some other summer travel lined up that I can’t wait to share with you guys! It feels so good to be back in the writing and traveling groove again. Life is all about taking chances on my new journey and it’s been an amazing ride so far. 

To get here I had to push through and do some shoving, but I managed. Then we had some nighttime smiles and shenanigans at Cattails while I spent the rest of the weekend getting in tune with nature and finding myself again.

It all started with this book: Hessel, Cedarville, and the Les Cheneaux Islands (Images of America) by Deborah I. Gouin and the Les Cheneaux Historical Association.

The Native American Cemetery {Hessel, MI} | Nevermore Lane


And this page:


The Native American Cemetery {Hessel, MI} | Nevermore Lane


Saturday I decided to take it out on the deck with me and give it a read through. When I was done, Kelly picked it up and ended up intrigued just as much as I was about the Native American cemetery in Hessel called Old Mission Indian Cemetery.

When we headed out to restock our booze (LOL 😉 ), we asked the cashier how to get there and off we went.

Hessel, literally just down the road, was a quick trip. We found the small, but powerful cemetery in no time.

Old Mission Indian Cemetery is tucked beside Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church on Lake Huron in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This cemetery could date back to the 1700s and today it still serves as a burial ground for the Ojibwa (Chippewa) members of the Sault Indian tribe and their families.

Fun fact about me: as much as I talk about my Irish history; there is also Scottish and Norse (hello Viking!) But, on my grandmothers side, my great-great grandmother Nevada Robinson is Chippewa Indian. So, it was really interesting for me to stumble upon a cemetery like this.

white cross indian cemetery


Majority of the graves are marked with nothing more than a simple white cross. Some graves have a plaque, others have the name on the cross, while others have a cross with a headstone. There are only a mere handful of tombstone only grave sites.  One grave is marked with a spirit house which is something I’ve only read about. It was really interesting to see one in person.

As with most cemeteries, for me, there was so much of a presence as Kelly and I walked around. First together, then separate each being pulled in opposite directions only to meet back in the middle.


the cemetery woods

I’ve always been sensitive to things other may miss. I learned a long time ago, when nature, particularly the trees speak, you listen.

Are you empathetic or sensitive to the paranormal world or things in which the human eye can’t see? I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. That is amazing! We have LOTS of old cemeteries here in New England. Actually I am only 20 mintues from where the first pilgrims were buried.

  2. I’ve had a paranormal (?) experience as a child. I was 6 years old and playing hide and seek with my cousins when I saw a white glowing creature standing beside a tree in my grandmother’s backyard. Weird thing about it was it had no face. I was not scared at first but when I realized that it was not a person I was looking at, that was the time I started screaming and running in the house. Until now, I have not found out what that was.

  3. What an interesting topic. I was so intrigued, I investigated further. I know a woman from Alaska and her heritage is so important to her even though she was an orphan for most of her childhood. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love studying our nation’s history, so this is a really interesting look at a place I’ve never been. I appreciate that it is still being used a burial ground. A great connection to those individuals’ pasts.

  5. A couple of my friends have been talking about visiting a local cemetery to take pictures. I was thinking about joining them. I am not sensitive to the paranormal, but my son always has been.

  6. This is so neat! I love a lot of the historic things around the country and I love the this is closer to home for me. I have native american heritage so I find this really cool!

  7. I am very sensitive to things being present that we can not see. It would have been interesting to go to the Old Mission Indian Cemetery.

  8. I like going to cemetery to give respect to my ancestor. This cemetery looks really peaceful.

  9. It’s interesting to travel to such a place, it can be a fun learning experience. I don’t know what to feel about the paranormal world, to be honest. I know that there are things we cannot explain, but I don’t know if it has something to do with things we cannot see.

  10. I have to say that is a very nice cemetery. I don’t mind walking through them sometimes. We always have a service in the cemetery during Memorial Day. It’s always lovely.

  11. Wow, this looks like a very interesting place to visit. I love finding local spots with our family!

  12. I love learning more about history. We often visit old cemetaries when we are on trips. There’s one in Cataloochee that has always intrigued me.

  13. I bet there is tons of history that lies in that indian cemetery. Seems so interesting to learn about.

  14. Ooooo how neat!!!! I use to be all into old cemeteries and stuff when I was younger. A lot of these places have pretty neat histories…

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