#52weekmoneychallenge Started for Us!

52 week money challengeThe holidays are finally over. The tree is down, decorations are put away. The dust has settled. We finally had some time to put together our money bucket for the #52weekmoneychallenge from Stuck at Home Mom.

Back in December I made the announcement that we would try our damnest to follow this savings program. I had read that some people do it in reverse and start adding the larger amounts so by the time the holidays hit they only have to come up with the smaller amounts. I thought that might be better for us, but trying to come up with the $100s to fill the bucket during January might be more of a problem while the husband is still in clinical’s and getting through his last semester of school.

So we decided to just do the smaller amounts as scheduled and go forward. He’ll be done with school and working full-time by the time the larger amounts start to pop up so things should be a little easier for us then.

I might do some swapping of the numbers too.

We cleaned out a pretzel container. Kiddo had drawn her ‘rainy day’ label and then set out to bedazzled it. I tape an envelope on the back that contains the printable schedule of the amounts to add each week.

Kiddo added some of her fairy money (they tend to leave behind some change when they visit.) We had a few dollars left over from Christmas money so I added those. The husband had a few cents that had been collecting on his desk so we added those as well. I think we are now up to $11 and some change if I remember correctly. So we are ahead of the game.

We decided we’ll keep adding any spare change that turns up and maybe at the end of the year we’ll have the scheduled saving and some extra to take a special Christmas trip. We’re hoping that during Christmas break we’ll be able to go to NYC. The dream is to ice skate in Rockefeller Plaza. We’ll see. After this giant ice storm here in MI that left me powerless and now this giant dumping of almost 10 inches the last thing I can think about is snow and ice skating. We might have to take a different Christmas trip.

Are you joining the challenge? What are you planning to do with your money?


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  1. I love the idea but I know that Hubs and I don’t make enough money to save up the larger amounts toward the end of the year, especially so close after Christmas. I like the idea, but with a special needs kid, it doesn’t sound feasible as there ALWAYS seems to be something that comes up.

    1. I know a lot of people are doing it backwards – higher amount first, smaller last. There are some other challenges floating around on Pinterest with smaller (and larger) amounts. We probably won’t make it through the challenge because we have so much going on this year, but I really wanted to try. Kiddo wants to take a family trip and I told her this is how we are going to get there.

  2. Saving something each week is what is really important. The 52 week idea is wonderful in that it achieves a specific goal. However, it is bad if it prevents people from saving because they can’t get to a specific dollar amount and they surrender. Motivation great, but prevention bad.

    I also think it could be used as one of those scratch out methods where you scratch out the amounts as you can complete them. January and December can be tough months so picking smaller dollar amounts for those months makes sense. Picking a higher dollar amount when you a better month makes sense.

    1. We are planning to just do our best. Every time we get change, dump it in there. Kiddo is even trying to get her allowance from her mom to bring over. I told her not to do that, it was her special money. But, she really wants to go on a family Christmas trip. I put a check next to the amounts we contributed. I have a feeling we won’t get the exact amounts, but its still a good lesson in savings for kiddo. This way she can actually see her hard work.

  3. Instead of the trip to NYC, how about closer to home? We take family trips (usually in Feb when we’re so sick of winter we want to scream) to one of the waterparks. You could probably get a room for close to $100 a night, do 2 nights (3-days) and have a mini-Florida getaway. Cheaper than going to NYC for sure. I know its not the same, but we always have a great time.

    1. I thought about that, but my self esteem isn’t up to par for a place like that and it would be miserable. Kiddo spends all summer at the pool, lake, and even the water park right down the road from us. We actually started out looking at a place to go to celebrate Christmas and that would be our gift, a family vacation. Not sure how it will pan out.

    1. So far we are doing quite well with it. Kiddo has been saving change and adding to the bucket as well as her father and I. We are putting that in as extra. We may not be able to follow it exactly, but we are going to do our best. She understands the money is for a family trip so she’s excited to donate her pocket change. Thank you for stopping by.

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