#52WeekMoneyChallenge June Check In

52weekmoneychallenge juneWell…

We haven’t had a #52WeekMoneyChallenge update since February and we just started in January.


Where did the time go?

It’s already June! Will someone please tell Father Time to slow down a little bit.

Pretty please??

Sadly, part of the reason there hasn’t been any posts is because we haven’t had any extra money to contribute to our bucket. Kiddo and I will add some change when we find it hanging around the house. We did rescue a dog earlier this year and found its rightful owner. That good deed landing kiddo $10 which she put in our family vacation bucket. We had a garage sale a few times and that landed us a few extra dollars.

According to the deposit sheet we should be at $600 or so by now. We started off full-speed ahead, but went weeks with no addition.

Our total is right around $102.

It’s not much. But it’s also better than nothing. 

Kiddo really wants to take a family vacation. Since times are tough right now, I don’t want her to feel that impact. We’ll continue with the garage sales for the summer. We’ll see where we stand and then perhaps we’ll take a little weekend vacation down to Detroit and visit the Zoo and the Ford Museum. I think she’ll have a great time and later in the year it’s off-season pricing. We’ll stay in a hotel, something we’ve never done as a family.

Then perhaps next year we can start the challenge over.

Despite it all, it’s still teaching her the importance of saving. No matter the amount, it’s an important lesson to be learned.

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