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Urban Steak | Romulus, MI

Urban Steak | Romulus, MI - 3 Cheese Mac n Cheese #PureMichigan #Foodie #Travel #NevermoreLane


Circus of Whiskers in Detroit. Check. Hung out in Ann Arbor enjoying sushi and cupcakes from Cupcake Station. Check. Since we enjoyed some amazing mac and cheese in Seattle, WA at Beecher’s it was important to find some place that was equally here as good. 

We ended up at Urban Steak, honestly, because it was right next door to the hotel. Not even going to lie about that. It was the Droolers last night in town and the last thing we wanted to do after all the running around we had done the last few days was look for yet another place to eat that would be towns over. I didn’t mind driving around there in town, but after checking out some Yelp reviews and realizing it was right across the parking lot, we figured, why not. So, we did.

When you walk in to the place you almost worry that maybe you aren’t dressed fancy enough. It was pretty “high class” feeling and here we were all comfortable and not-quite so dressed up. But once we got in and were seated, we could tell we were dressed for the occasion.

Beers, Jameson’s, Tacos, Mac n Cheese. Pretty sure there was salad and steak in there somewhere.

Our waitress was pretty cool. I love it when staff know when to chit chat and cut up, and when to walk away and let you enjoy your meal. That’s a big thing for me.

Was the mac and cheese as good as Beechers? Not by a long shot, but, it sure was good. I would defiantly eat here again if I were in the area.


Read Chrystal M.‘s review of Urban Steak on Yelp

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