Trash to Treasure Garden Update {3}

gardenI haven’t updated much because for the longest time it seemed like the garden was at a standstill.  I did get a large amount of weeds pulled and then I spent a day adding more goodies to the garden. Between husband and I we were able to get a few videos and I tried to snap some photos.

Things are going very well for a couple of amateurs. I mean, we have done gardens in the past, but simple things like radish and tomatoes. Once year we did containers and had tomatoes and cucumbers. I think there were some peppers in there too. Point is, this is our biggest garden and we have quite a few goodies that we don’t have much experience growing, if any at all (hello, potatoes!)

Despite all of that, I am thrilled that my garden is working out. We do have a few things that are not growing well and some that are growing a lot more than we expected. At the end of the day, it’s a learning experience and I will be better prepared for next years garden.

We’ve been having a lot of rain for July in Michigan. I am a little worried that some of the plants that are taking a little longer to sprout have drowned. Our cucumbers have taken over the rows of radish and carrots at such an alarming rate. This is what happens when one does not sit down with a sketchbook and actually plan a garden. I think we will be able to save them though as they still seem to be growing at a great pace and we’ve already munched quite a few radish.

A second row of potato that I put in at last-minute and I felt were not going to sprout – I even had kiddo bury them – sprouted this week with the latest rainfall. I don’t have photos of that yet, but I’ll be sure to get that in the next post.

I am also noticing that one tomato plant does not seem to be growing any more tomatoes. The ones that are on there are not getting any bigger. So I will need to address this. Another tomato plant is getting large and so are the plants next to it. This was not something I was expecting. However, I am worried now that these tires are too close together.

We’re still having fun and I am hopeful we’ll have a nice bounty.



Mr Yum gives his point of view. Also, our corn is now more than knee-high today.

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  1. Our garden is taking what seems like forever to grow. I finally saw a few small sprouts this week and got super excited! It’s a slow process but it’s rewarding when you start to see a little progress.

  2. I hope you grow lots and lots. My yard is mostly shade, so I don’t have a garden. It’s not worth cutting down all my trees to start one, so I will just stick to the farmer’s market 🙂

  3. Growing up I always had a little plot of land that my dad set aside for me and I loved growing veggies! I have tried to do it in my apartment, inspired of course by the Kindergarten assignment of my son where all the kids grow a plant from a bean. It is not meant to be however in a NYC apartment!
    Good luck with yours!

  4. I’m container gardening this year and my jalapenos are doing great, but my tomatoes won’t turn red and it’s driving me insane! Good luck with your garden!

    1. Sure! LOL. You are welcome. I don’t have much of one either. I had a lot of things die in the past. So this is quite a change for me. 😉

  5. Tomatoes are the only thing I have luck growing. Combination of soil and my lack of gardening ability. lol

    1. There is no place to small to plant a garden! If you are in an apartment, there are plenty of websites out there that will show you how to grow herbs and small vegetables indoors as well as a few plants that work well on patios. If you just have a small yard, there are lots of ideas on Pinterest. My MIL has the smallest backyard I have ever seen. She has a small little plot at the very back of her yard. She has a couple of plants like a tomato, peppers and a few other random things. Her little garden flourishes. You can also hang planters on a fence to keep them up and out of the way! So many ideas! Don’t let space prevent you from having home grown foods!

  6. Our cucumbers are out of control – and I finally see some summer squash coming in. Our zucchini is looking sad, though. I have a ton of tomatoes, but it appears one of my plants is taking over the others (I underestimated how big it could get!)

    1. We have stuff springing up all over. We had to build some stands for our snap peas over the weekend. I’ll be showing that in our new update.

  7. This is so fun, thanks for sharing your gardening journey with us. I really want to start a garden soon, so this is going to be great for me to learn from too.

    1. I am glad my silly articles can be helpful. I highly recommend making a garderns journal. So you can document your process and have to to look back on in the years ahead.

  8. Oh I wish I could watch those videos right now, but I’m in the bedroom with 2 sleeping kids haha. But glad to hear your garden is coming along. I tried a few years ago and the weeds got the best of me. I did end up with some good stuff, but not as good as I would have gotten if I weeded and took better care of it.

    1. I attacked the weeds with full force. We put our garden on soil where a small barn used to be. So, its been doing fairly well without overloading in the weed department. There are a few. Not too bad.

  9. How fun that your impromptu potatoes sprouted! 🙂 We have had quite a bit of rain for Michigan. I thought it was going to ruin hubby’s big golf outing yesterday, but it stopped early enough that it was still a go. 🙂

  10. So lovely! I wish we had a place for a garden. I’ve usually always done flowers in planters but am dying for a veggie garden! I hope you have lots of success!

    1. I would start small with just a few things. Tomatoes and radish are the easiest things to plant. I would get tomatoes already started. Radish you can get seeds and they practically grow in any soil.

    1. I am surrounded by corn so it seems silly for me to plant my own. It came from my cousin who is super picky about his vegetables and fruits. Since so many around here contribute to the farmers markets they are really conscious about what they are growing.

    1. I really thought it was going to be time consuming, but running out to pick my food is a lot quicker than a drive thru or grocery store. The initial investment was a bit, but we spread it out over a few days. Picking weeds at first took me about 30 min a day. Now I just grab them as I am passing through for food. Turning on the faucet to let the sprinkler go is my watering routine. It’s really not so bad. The earth , sun and rain do most of the work.

  11. Way to go on your garden. Mine is not doing so well this year. We do have a few tomatoes on the plant but not as many as I would have hoped for.

  12. We are starting a garden this year after many years without one and can’t wait to see how it turns out too. Learn a little bit more each year 🙂
    Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest board.

  13. Good for you for growing some new things. I love fresh produce, even though I can’t grow my own. I don’t have whatever it takes to grow it. Bummer. Thanks so much for linking up to Merry Monday Link Party.

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