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Chasing Fairies in Northville, MI

I’ve got a confession.

I’m obsessed with fairies and have been for as long as I can remember. Sure, like many young girls I latched on to Tinkerbell in Peter Pan and was jumping up and down with excitement when the Tinkerbell franchise spread its wings. 

But my obsession goes further than that. I’ve read countless tales from adult stories to children. My biggest obsession is Celtic / Irish fairy folklore. Imagine that, right ? 🙂

My family has lived in Michigan for my entire life. I spent my life in Oklahoma; that is until 2007 when I landed back here. In all this time I had no idea there was a village of fairies living just a short drive away.

Now, I do have a fairy shop in my backyard. In Frankenmuth, MI (home to Bavarian, Zenders, and Bronners) there is a little shopping center on the water called The River Place. Within its walls houses a very cute little fairy shop where kiddo and I frequently visit to check out the new offerings called The Enchanted Forest.

In our living room we have an antique dresser and mirror that was a gift from my aunt. While I have every intention of using it as a legitimate dresser, right now we are using it to house my food photography stuff in the drawers and the top portion holds our fairy garden. We started with just one garden pot and it has grown to two along with extra houses and wind chimes.

So, when we decided to drive down near Detroit and head into Northville in order to eat at Tom + Chee for opening weekend, I had no idea what sort of adventure we would find ourselves in. When we decide to take a drive somewhere, I like to have something planned to do in order to justify spending the gas and heading into unknown territory.  As I set out to Google everything I could in the area, I stumbled on an article regarding the fairies lurking in town.

That article led me to some information about the downtown area and a map of the fairy houses. I printed off the map, had kiddo pack her ‘in-the-car’ bag and add the map. A few moments later we were heading down the expressway to Northville, MI.

Our first stop was Tom + Chee. It was there we had some fun and funky grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup for opening weekend. We visited with the district manager and tried a chocolate bacon dessert donut. #yumeating

Once we were done, we heading towards the downtown area. I’ve been to Detroit and I’ve been to Novi but I have never stopped in Northville. It’s a gorgeous town. The downtown area is beautiful and you can tell they take care of their shops, patrons and city residence.

Sadly, I didn’t bring my camera and I didn’t really get a chance to take photos of anything outside of what we ate and the fairy houses. I wish I would have taken a few more photos of the actual shops downtown so I could share them.

Truth be told, I was only planning to write about Tom + Chee over on YUMeating. I wasn’t really thinking I would write about the fairies, but we had so much fun chasing them and visiting their homes that I thought it would be interesting for others to see what we were able to find. Plus, you just never know who might be searching for fairy destinations in my home state and land here on this page.

We visited quite a few of the shops which were open. We visited The Northville Gallery and purchased a little book for kiddo which tells the stories of the fairies and where their homes are. There is even a place for her to get a stamp from each of the store owners. My husband purchased a piece of art for me as an early birthday present.


It has been ages since I have purchased art. Most of it is in storage (aka my moms house.) But, it really spoke to me and when I get the office I so desperately seek, I’ll hang it in there. For now, its in the hallway. The first thing I see when I “go to work.”

We continued through town and checked off the fairies as we found/visited them. Some of the stores were closed so we were unable to get her book stamped. We left treasures for the fairies (pennies and dimes) and even made wishes in the fountains.

arts farts
arts farts

To round out my early birthday present hubs bought me this really cool 7-year pen and travel journal. The pen states -“enough ink to write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years” and you can buy them on the manufacturers website. They have quite a few to pick from. I’ll be getting the shamrock for sure. I wish the store had that one. The one I bought was the punctuation pen, which I felt was very appropriate.

We ended the day at a non so great restaurant and as we were leaving it started to pour down rain. We had a wonderful day and we can’t wait to return to the land of the faeries and continue our mission of meeting them all.

A fun-filled family adventure, complete with fairies.

Do you have any fairy towns in your state? Kiddo and I would love to hear about them.





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  1. Wow, adventurous days! I love art, and art galleries! I think we should visit one this summer. I wish I could get an art piece for my birthday – you are so lucky! I think our house desperately needs some art – maybe I can get my kids to whip some art up this summer! Good luck to you in your fairy searching adventures!

  2. We might not have fairies in our town, but there is a magical, mythical little fairy door that has appeared at a local store. The little door is actually embedded in concrete and has been there since the building was built in the 1800’s! To date, there is no reason or explanation! Sounds like chasing the fairies in Northville was and is a fun thing to do!

  3. I wish we had a Tom and Chee in my area. The food there is so delicious. I have a fairy house in my back yard to lol. My daughter and i love fairys.

  4. I believe that we have fairs in Orlando but haven’t made it to one yet. Love your art work. Those are some great choices.

  5. Omg this place sounds pretty amazing!!!! I know for a fact they don’t have one here in the middle of nowhere NY! Really wish they did though!

  6. That is such an adorable idea. I know that fairy gardens have been in the news lately actually! People were wondering what they were.

    1. Check your state for bloggers who write about free things to do. That is how I found ours. I would just Google “free things for kids put your city or state here”

  7. That does sound fun. I’m glad you changed and ended up writing about them. It made for awesome reading. 🙂

  8. I’ve never heard of any in my area but want to find out now. What a cute post, thanks for sharing.

  9. I love it! The fairies lurking in town – and fairy houses with an oh so cute map…then there’s the a chocolate bacon dessert don’t – that sounds hmmm….interesting? But you say it’s yummy – Well I’d love to go and have some of the type of fun you day to be sure!

  10. Sounds like a great place to visit, Im sure my kids would love it. I wish we have fairy in Texas, I love your art work, you’re very creative.

  11. I love the journal and pen. It is a great idea to make a seven year journal. I have a little fairy town in my garden. I love to think that the tiny fairies live there.

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