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Nagomi Shushi | Downtown Ann Arbor, MI

Nagomi Shushi | Downtown Ann Arbor, MI #PureMichigan #Travel #NevermoreLane

With the Circus of Whiskers under wraps, it was time for us to visit some fun and funky places close to Detroit where the Drooler hadn’t been before.  One stop had to be the University of Michigan and Downtown Ann Arbor, or A2 as we mitten folk call it. Deciding on what to have for lunch was super easy since we all love our sushi. I wanted to pick a place I had never tried before so I headed right for my trusty Yelp app to hit up my fellow Yelp Elite members to see what was on the up and up in the sushi department.


I don’t have a lot of experience with other sushi places in Ann Arbor, but I do have experience with plenty of other places around the state, as well as out-of-state. I have learned that everyone has their particular taste. We can all order the same roll, but expect it to taste a particular way which may not be the same as someone else based on their own taste preferences from other establishments.

Let me just say, we were not disappointed.

As you know, sushi can be quite spendy at some places so I was surprised to see the 2-roll and 3-roll lunch specials they offered. I price was so much lower than I expected for the atmosphere of the place. And sometimes when you see lower prices you tend to worry that the quality may not be up to par.

That was not the case here. We each got 3 rolls that were different so we could swap and sample. Everything we tried was amazing. So much for my friend there were photos being sent home to the west coast family.

Nagomi Shushi | Downtown Ann Arbor, MI #PureMichigan #Travel #NevermoreLane

For 2 of us to have lunch with 3 rolls each, our bill was just under $25. I’ve never been able to do that wish sushi for one person. So it was pretty amazing. I can’t wait to come back to A2 and eat here again.

We had the place to ourselves with the exception of one other table. And while the waitress was attentive, she wasn’t all over it all the time. It was a fine balance. The ambiance was relaxing, overall trendy, and very clean establishment.

I truly have no complaints about this establishment other than I wish it was closer to me!!!

Where is your favorite sushi house located? 


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