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My First Goodwill Outlet Bin Haul

My First Goodwill Outlet Bin Haul

How about a little break from the recipes? Even though I have been feeling the spirit of YUMeating (sometimes I really miss that space I once had) and have been posting a few food and recipe reviews here to try to get back into the swing of blogging again – oh, and don’t forget the fiction writing – I have also been spending some time building the Nevermore Lane business. 

Before I get too far along with this, let me give you a little bit of my backstory. For the readers who have been here since my early blogging days, some of this may jog a memory or two – maybe three. 

The Flipping History of Nevermore Lane

’92 or ’93 repairing and creating the jewls in high school.
  • In the 90s, I started repairing broken jewelry for the retail company I worked for. I also created new pieces. They paid me some odd cents for each piece I fixed or created that they could sell in their store. 
  • I started reselling items on eBay in 1997. 
  • Back around 2010, I started selling on Etsy. I returned to creating jewelry from broken scraps I purchased in bulk and pieces I bought wholesale. 
  • That jewelry upcycling and creating carried over to my Beard Babe Love brand in 2017.
  • I started my Poshmark in 2020.
  • I started my Mercari in 2021.
  • I am on my second eBay store, which was started in 2011.
  • A few weeks ago, I dusted off my eBid (does anyone use this anymore?) and changed my name to Nevermore Lane as it was DC Outlet, a company my mother and I had started in 2005. We had to close that retail store so she could care for her parents. In 2011, we brought in online. 
  • Anyone remember Yahoo! Auctions? I had a store there for the longest time where I sold used books starting around 2005.
  • In 2015, I started selling books (and some old VHS tapes) again through Amazon MD and then Amazon FBA.

I am all about reusing, repurposing, recreating, and recycling. So, here I am today. 

I am still working on the apothecary side of this brand with the Beard Babe Love line and getting back into thrifting and flipping. Creating and upcycling. And that is why I changed the design and tagline for Nevermore Lane. I plan to grow the brand I originally intended when I purchased this domain in 2014 – to create a shop of everything I find magic in, whether it’s been thrifted, upcycled, or created – by someone else or myself. I just want a place full of treasure and magic. It really is that simple. 

I even created a group to share those things, which I put on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. BUT — I also want other sellers to join if you have a handmade business (bonus for witchy crafts) or you also thrift and share your goodies for sale along with coupons, sales, and deals you have in your shop. PLEASE DO NOT DROP AND RUN. This group will only be successful if we grow together, which means we must interact with members (and each other) so the group is a fun and interactive place for shoppers. 

So, what’s it like picking through bins at the Goodwill Outlet?? I am glad you asked. Come along on this thrilling journey as I recount my first Goodwill Outlet Bin Haul—a tale of unexpected riches and endless possibilities.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Have you ever experienced the thrill of uncovering hidden treasures in the most unexpected places? Well, picture this: a vast warehouse filled with unsorted bins overflowing with an eclectic mix of items waiting to be discovered. This was my first visit to the Goodwill Outlet, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of exhilarating. As an avid reseller and Poshmark flipper, I had heard endless tales about the legendary hauls that could be found at these outlets, but nothing could have prepared me for the rush of excitement as I delved into my first bin. 

I should say that I HAVE been to this location once before. But, that experience was nothing like the one I will share with you. That experience left me feeling like I would honestly never return. There were maybe six bins, mostly empty, and I found maybe four items of clothing and a bag of greeting cards I intended to use in my pen pal group. 

Stepping into the Goodwill Outlet Bin for the second time felt like entering a treasure trove of hidden gems. The chaotic jumble of items crammed into the bins was overwhelming initially, but soon, I found myself losing track of time as I dug through the layers. It was like embarking on a thrilling scavenger hunt, never knowing what I’d unearth next.

And that thrill came back every 30 minutes as staff would line us up against the wall so they could wheel out the older bins to be refreshed with a new set. 

As a reseller and avid thrifter, my keen eye zeroed in on potential flip-worthy pieces amidst the chaos – a vintage jean jacket, an elegant wool peacoat, and designer shoes that had seen better days. The rush of excitement as I scored these finds was intoxicating, envisioning how they would find new life in their next chapter on my platforms like Poshmark. Each discovery fueled my passion for secondhand treasures and added to the thrill of my inaugural bin haul.

I left the Goodwill Outlet more invigorated than ever, filled with newfound respect for those who sift through such abundance daily. This experience expanded my inventory and deepened my appreciation for sustainable fashion and community-driven efforts to reduce waste. As I sorted and listed my haul that evening, I couldn’t help but revel in this new chapter of thrifted delights awaiting their next adventure.

And I cannot wait to do it again. 

My Final Say on Goodwill Outlet Store Bin Shopping

My experience at the Goodwill Outlet Bin was nothing short of exhilarating. I never imagined the thrill of hunting through bins for hidden treasures, but now I’m hooked. The variety of items I found, from books and bags to vintage clothing and unique home decor pieces, exceeded my expectations. I even found a few treasures for our pets and some silly things to refurbish for the holidays.

The feeling of scoring incredible deals while also supporting a good cause is truly rewarding. I can’t wait to go back and see what other amazing finds await me at the Goodwill Outlet Bin – if you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend giving it a try! 

Affiliate links ahead — 

If you are not on Poshmark yet, if you click my link, you will get $10 for joining with my code (NEVERMORELANE), and I’ll get $10 after your first order is delivered. Win – win! If you are not on Mercari – there is a lot of action over there as well. When you sign up and buy, you save $10 and I get $10 with your first purchase. If you decide to sell, you will save $20, and I will get $40 after you make your first $100 in sales. Cha- ching!

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