Inked in Blood: The New World – Begin (Book 1)

Beging (Inked in Blood: The New World Book 1) | Self Employed Writer

Today I am going to toot my own horn.

*toot too*

Yesterday I finally sucked it up and got over my “what-ifs” and decided to publish my vampire story. This has been a LONG time coming.
This story started a few years ago when I was taking a literature class and later a creative writing class as electives as an undergrad. My professors were really helpful and both encouraged me to make this story bloom and dig deep.

I plotted out a few ideas, but I only took 6 weeks off between graduation and starting my masters degree. There really wasn’t much time to work on this story as I was working so much on my pen name stuff. Even that writing I had to stop because my final year of grad school was brutal with all the papers, research and thesis I had to do.

After grad school was done, hubs and I sat down and created a vision for how the story would go. Since he is really in to history he was able to really help  me get out what I wanted for my story.

We’ve had this introduction done for a while. I let my own fears get in the way for the longest time.

I can’t live in fear anymore.

As I take a step out of my comfort zone I would like to share with you Begin. Book one in the Inked in Blood: The New World series. Right now it is only 99 cents in the Kindle bookstore.

What’s holding you back from chasing your dreams? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and make 2015 the year of accomplishments? 

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