I'm A Quitter :(



It happened.

I just could not keep up with NaBloPoMo.

I’m a self-proclaimed quitter.

I tried really hard to keep up with it. When I first started I had planned on doing it both here and on Self Employed Writer.

Then, I quickly realized I was going to just have to do it here and then do a little cross posting for those that might be interested.

Last week I made a list of photo sets I still had on my hard drive that I still have not written out a post. I added to that sponsor posts that were about due, followed by the drafts I started and ideas I had jotted down. I had a piece of notebook paper that was filled on both sides.

I should have been happy about that, but I wasn’t.

Things are picking up here at YUM and for that I am extremely grateful. However, some things had to give and I had to let a few projects to go. So, the BloPo was the first, followed by a few freebie sponsors. I just can’t keep up with it all on top of my own material and really give everything the attention it deserves.

I refuse to quit YUM. I was heading in the direction of that “must quit I am so overwhelmed” feeling.

Sorry to those who were following along. Maybe once I get some organization and start knocking out these posts I’ll try another blog challenge.

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  1. You are learning what you can handle and that isn’t about quitting its about what real life is all about for all of us. It looks like you are building something special here at YUM and you can do it. You are just going to have to figure out where the balance points are to make it all work. Focus on what you can manage and not on beating yourself up. That will only mean you leave youself less room to handle the stuff you want to build.

    1. I am very excited for the future of YUM. I’m having a great time. I working on finding my voice and that balance. I still think I am at the testing phase. What works. What doesnt. Of course, I think life is a testing phase sometimes too. I’m working really hard to build something good here. And, really enjoying myself in the process. (at least when I dont feel overloaded)

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