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Founders Brewing | Detroit, MI Taproom

Founders. What more does anyone really need to say?

When a friend of mine needed to meet up in Detroit, I was really happy this place was mentioned. I have always wanted to visit. We did meet right before the Christmas holidays, and the weather wasn’t too bad.

There was a fire pit out on the patio, which looked amazing, but it was still a bit too cold for anyone to want to sit outside.

My family member and myself were immediately greeted as we walked in. We weren’t sure at first if we needed to just have a seat or not, but it was pretty instant to realize you seat yourself. Since we knew more were coming, we picked a big table.

The atmosphere is very much like a converted warehouse. Which makes sense, considering the downtown Detroit area we were in. The atmosphere is really relaxed and for a lunchtime during the week it wasn’t too busy, but just enough busy you could see the beer-riffic smiles.

The bartender/waiter came right on over and took our drinks. I am pretty familiar with Founders flavors, so I went right for one of my favorites, Breakfast Stout. What I love is that there are all the flavors and you get multiple sizes which to pick from. This is good for people like me who wanted that taste and flavor with their meal, but had to drive a ways back home.

When the rest of the party arrived, we ordered our food. All of it sounded good and I had a really hard time deciding, but I ended up going with that DIRTY CORNELIUS !!!! And was it amazing… but way too big. Well, yes, but no. I did take half of it home to enjoy for dinner…. and that I did.

The tastes are amazing, the atmosphere is that hip, trendy, rustic, new meets old vibe. The food, everyone got something different and not a sad face in the bunch.

This Sandwich –> DIRTY CORNELIUS

Roasted Chicken, House-Smoked Pastrami, Provolone, Cream Cheese, Dirty Bastard Soaked Sauerkraut, & Dirty Bastard Mustard On Polish Rye.

Check out my review on Yelp.

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