Celebrating Birthdays | When Things Don’t Always Go As Planned | Bowling Green, KY


This year has been full of ups and downs and my birthday proved to be no exception. What was supposed to be an elaborate trip, with many people in Nashville, Tennessee turned into 2 people heading down to Bowling Green, Kentucky. At the beginning of the year, a group of friends and myself had made plans for a summer gathering, which happened to fall on my birthday. Sadly, as the months went by a few of those friends had severed ties and went about their lives. I’m no stranger to people walking away, it’s just the name of the game in life sometimes. 

Celebrating Birthdays | When Things Don't Always Go As Planned | Bowling Green, KY - Nevermore Lane #travel The group which remained wasn’t about to let that separation bring us down as we continued to cross off the days and make plans. It had gotten to the point where we had a huge group of people (Beards and Babes) who were going to meet us in Nashville for my birthday celebrations. We had chosen Nashville because, at the time, it was the central location for Sammi and I to meet up with the other girls. It just sort of stuck.

We had a lot of stuff planned for our 5-day trip, but as the days drew closer, those 5-days were whittled down to 3.  Then, one carload that was to meet us there had a list of reasons why they could not come. We were down to the lone two travelers.

Friday, Sammi and I loaded up the car and head out to take the 8-hour drive south for Nashville, Tenn.  Since it ended up just being the two of us, a friend of ours in Kentucky offered for us to come and stay with her. We graciously accepted and canceled our hotel without thinking twice.


Celebrating Birthdays | When Things Don't Always Go As Planned | Bowling Green, KY - Nevermore Lane #travel
Have I ever mentioned how much I seriously dislike bridges?


Short version of a really long story, that is how Sammi and I landed in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  We did a little drinking, some shopping, melted in the heat, hung out with friends, and enjoyed some Mexican food at a place called Chuy’s Tex-Mex.

Hey, a girls got to get her free birthday drink.


Celebrating Birthdays | When Things Don't Always Go As Planned | Bowling Green, KY - Nevermore Lane #travel Celebrating Birthdays | When Things Don't Always Go As Planned | Bowling Green, KY - Nevermore Lane #travel


Celebrating Birthdays | When Things Don't Always Go As Planned | Bowling Green, KY - Nevermore Lane #travel



Despite all the last-minute changes, we had a great time and were reminded hospitality and good people still do exist.



Sometimes you have to just accept the things you cannot change, roll with the punches, and make the best of what you do have.

Life is about taking risks and chances. Just jump. It could be the best thing you ever do.

Read Chrystal M.‘s review of Chuy’s on Yelp

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  1. I think it’s probably better to say that things NEVER go as planned. LOL I learned a long time ago, that the best laid plans generally fall apart as soon as we step out of the door. You have to be able to roll with it.

  2. I am glad you still had a great weekend even if it didn’t turn out as planned. I find that I kind of enjoy unplanned events more than I do the planned ones.

  3. Who needs plans when you’re celebrating? While I’m a super organized planner, I learned a long time ago with the family that I don’t get to do that often.

  4. It sounds like you had a great birthday trip. It is always disappointing when things do not work out how we plan.

  5. I’m not a big fan of change, but when it happens, it’s nice to be able to roll with it. Bowling Green is a really fun city in my experience.

  6. Glad you didn’t let those twists in the road get you down. Looks like you had a great trip. I’ve never been to KY. Best wishes for your new year 🙂

  7. Awww – I’m so sorry. This kind of happened to me for my 21st birthday. I had been planning it for weeks, but my birthday is in January and on that day we had a huge ice storm. One by one people called to cancel. It ended up just being my husband and me. But just like you – we went anyway and had a great time!

  8. I’ve heard so many great things about Chuy’s. My dad and his wife raves about that place. I recognized that bridge you were on, and the one beside it! Rode on it on our way to Indiana. Glad that you had a great time regardless.

  9. I loved that you didn’t let anything keep you from continuing your trip even if it was with one other person. Your true friend!

  10. This sounded like a fun trip! It’s really cool that your friend offered you a place to stay at the last minute! The interior of Chuy’s Tex-Mex was so pretty!

    1. Very true. If you can roll with the punches and not get too stressed out. LOL… sometimes I am good about it, sometimes, not so much.

  11. Last year was a tough one for me because things didn’t go as we hoped. I had back surgery in Dec of 2015 and was going to go back to work. Welp, life threw another monkey wrench into that equation. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 5 months post surgery. It caused family, financial, and a wealth of other problems. 🙁

    1. I am sorry to hear that 🙁 I have been battling auto immune issues for a few years now, no real answers other than they think its early onset RA since its in my family.

  12. I always find that I do better with those unexpected trips. Things NEVER go as planned in my eyes and I am ok with that sometimes. It looks like you had a blast.

  13. Going over really high bridges or ones that have interesting architecture or picturesque views is always a highlight of our family road trips. We just went on a trek through Kentucky ourselves.

    1. Last year I battled the Mackinac Bridge. There is a lot of history with that. It’s the bridge which connects the mitten part of Michigan with the UP.

  14. Change is inevitable and sometimes even knowing that you can’t deny the feeling you get when that happens but Life happens we just got to roll with it. Glad you still had fun during your birthday though, you shouldn’t bring yourself down on your special day. 🙂

  15. Sometimes things do not go as planned. I actually have things rarely go as planned. Part of being an adult is rolling with the punches and being adaptable!

  16. This reminded me of the question most people ask me during the start of every year, “Don’t you want to get a planner?” My usual reply, “No, because I don’t plan. I have no idea of what the future holds for me, so instead of planning, I just keep the faith.” Life does not always happen the way we want it. It is in our ability to be flexible enough to accept that change.

  17. I totally agree. I’ve had friends come and go, and oh well, it’s just part of life. I’m glad you had a good birthday just the same!

    Hey, where in Michigan are you from? I grew up there. Lived in a tiny town called Hart, near Silver Lake.

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