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moms yard treeOne thing about being a foodie is that sometimes you can get some really great Christmas gifts. Other times people just don’t understand how simple it really is to shop for you and they make it much more difficult than they should. For the last few holiday’s the husband has gone overboard. I put my foot down and have refused to let that happen again this year. Even though I give him a list of things I want, I keep trying to explain to him how to take the things I like and make them personable.

He’s still learning. But this year was a huge improvement and I am very happy with the items I received.

I took these photos on my iPhone.

towels and cutting boardI am so excited for these towels.  We recently had an Ollie’s Bargain Outlet opened up in the city. Kiddo and I had gone Christmas shopping with my mom and spotted these gems in there. I snapped a photo for the husband so he would have them as a reference. We tend to do that during the holidays. These are each a 3-pack even though silly me cut off the bottom towel.  These were not purchased for use though, but rather as textiles (background and props) for photos. I just loved them and I am thrilled he actually went in and picked them up for me as the store is a little out-of-the-way.

Under the packs of towels is a bamboo cutting board. It is hard to tell but it is actually over an inch thick. It’s heavy and its nice.  I have no intention of using it for an actual cutting board. It’s going to be used as a photography prop as well. I’m considering staining it because I really wanted one that was a little darker but every time we went to pick them up they would be sold out. This also came from that Ollie’s. Ollie’s is a lot like Marshall’s and TJMaxx, but even a bit cheaper.

dishes for christmasIn this group the only thing I asked for was the red handled silverware.  I spotted these plates at the Corning outlet store at the  mall nearby. I guess this is the beginning to my set 😉 I know I got the kitchen scissors because I complain that everyone uses my kitchen scissors for everything other than what they are meant for. The peeler I used the other morning, but mine broke and I have been using this funky one from Pampered Chef that I hate. I am thankful for my new peeler. The plates and silverware are for photography.

recipe booksBeing a freelance work at home writer I’ve been given so many opportunities to meet some awesome people.  This recipe binder is pretty awesome and so is the pink haired mama it came from. Tay also makes some mean blueberry muffins and it took everything I had to steal one from the husband and kiddo before they were all gone. This binder though, it’s just amazing.  It’s a scrapbook binder made by PepperPot. This particular pattern is French Bull crisscross.  It has all these neat pockets and pages and an easy clean surface (win!) I am totally in love with it. Kiddo was even ooohing and ahhing over it.  I think she is secretly plotting to steal it.  The pens and notebooks are from the husband and were a request. I take a lot of notes while I am in the kitchen cooking and have filled up so many notebooks. So these will come in handy very soon as the latest one is about full.

dishesThese little mini casserole dishes I am super-duper excited about and I have already planned about 5 recipes for them (in the back of my head, anyway) and hope I can get some of them done after the holidays settle down. They fit in the palm of my hand and are somewhat heavy. I got 4. Red, blue, green, and yellow. These also came from that Ollie’s outlet.

grandma cookiesThis was a surprise for sure. My mother found this told tin reproduction sign and thought I might like it for my kitchen. It’s a lot cooler looking in person. It’s made to look antique. I don’t really have any place to put it in my kitchen now, but maybe when I move I will have a fun place for it. She knows my love for antique shops and how I always linger in the kitchen sections. I think this is super cute. Goes well with some of the antique kitchen things I have taken from her house that was my grandmothers and great-grandmothers!

dutch ovenThis might be the gift I am most excited about. I have been wanting to get some cast iron porcelain pots and pans for quite some time. I have a small porcelain dutch oven but I can’t cook very many things with it.  My mother gave me my great grandmothers dutch oven which is like metal or something. It must weigh 50lbs. I cooked with it once and despite my oil , water and constant tending my meat still stuck to the bottom and it just was an awkward pot to work with. So, am thrilled to have this. I can’t wait to make some southern Cajun gumbo in it. I don’t care what anyone says, certain pots make all the difference in flavor! I’m excited that I told the husband right where to get this 😉

cutting boardMy mom picked out these cute Christmas coasters and cutting boards. There is a big one and a small one. I think next year this will be a great tray to use for photos and for cheese and meats. I think they are super cute.

cookbooksThese two are also from my mom. These little books are super-duper fat. I can’t wait to crack them open. Even though I try to stay away from a lot of overly processed items there are times when I just have to make something from Campbell’s. My grandmother and her mother and her mother have been using Campbell so it is one of those things that I stick too. Especially when it comes to cream of mushroom soup, chicken noodle, bean and bacon, and tomato. I have tried off brands and even though there are some out there that are ok, I prefer Campbell’s. And, for the record, I know you all know that I know how to make these soups myself. But, the point of Campbell’s meals are to be ‘quick and easy.’ So, if my option is a can of Campbell’s and something from my fridge vs. ordering a pizza or a drive through window, Campbell’s will win every time.

I’m also interested in this book because I DO know how to make these soups on my own and tend to make them in batches and freeze them, I am going to bet there are going to be some freezer meals in this book that I can make. Win! And, I can’t wait to crack open the slow cooker book. I really need to take advantage of my slow cooker more.

honey pot

This little cup of joy came from my mother-in-law. She said her niece  made it. The honey is Made in Michigan and from their farm and the lip balm she makes herself. It came with a honey dabber (I still don’t know what you call those things) and some tea. I’m saving this for New Years morning. I have a feeling I am going to need it 😉

My husband did get a giant kit of hot sauce from my mom. That is his thing. My mother-in-law went to China earlier this year and she brought me back a  jade earring and necklace set and the husband got chopsticks. My other presents included things like a new robe, slippers, jammies, candles and even my very own Monster High Die-ner doll.  Husband got Deuce. Oh the things you do to play with the kids. At least my doll has a cooking theme!


I did get the dolls from Frozen as well, but those won’t be coming out of the boxes.

Did you receive what you wanted for Christmas? What did you get?



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