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Welcome to day two of NaBloPoMo!  Just a heads-up, there are no weekend posts for NaBloPoMo. Gives us a break, or a chance to free write. Tonight is husbands graduation and then this weekend we’re going up north to the lake, so I’ll gladly take the break.

Today’s question is:

Friday, May 2, 2014
Tell us how you wish you ate if it’s different from your day-to-day reality.

Where to start with this?

Working from home and trying to lose weight is hard. I have PCOS so my body shifts so much in so many different ways. Honestly, I wish I no longer had access to my kitchen during the day accept to create the meals I plan to eat. There are days when the snack bug hits and I become a bottomless pit of testing and tasting. I’d like to learn how to create some healthier meals for my family, it’s a slow process I am working on. I wish I could survive on fruits and vegetables with minimal meat. I have done really well on low-carb in the past and I need to get back to that. Doing a whole month of Irish recipes for March really through my system out of whack!

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  1. I wish we could eat healthier inexpensively. Congrats on your Hubby’s graduation.

    I have been on hiatus due to daughter’s college graduation and I need to re-energize with is hard do to an acute medical problem. But I’m getting back in swing, slowly but surely.

    I also noticed I am not getting my emails from either one of your sites :(.

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