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For the month of May I am going to be participating in the BlogHer NaBloPoMo. I’ve done NaNoWriMo every November for the last few years. While I am not currently working on any fiction, I thought maybe a blog challenge would help me shake things up around here. With the topic, Nourish, I felt it would be a great fit for YUM and a chance for me to share a more personal side to YUM.

A list of posts has been created for us and I’ll be using that as my daily writing prompts. This will keep me from feeling overwhelmed to find new topic ideas. This will not replace my usual YUM posts, this is in addition to.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Are you ready for question 1?

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Tell us how you eat: do you sit down to three meals, eat several small meals, or grab a granola bar on the run?

This makes me laugh a little bit. It is never the same.

During the week I will eat breakfast in the living room while I enjoy a television show and my coffee. This is a bad habit I started because I write entertainment/television content for some news outlets. When breakfast is over I hit the office. Lunch is made at home since I work from home. Most of the time I eat at my desk. Bad habit, but a hard one to break. It just makes things so much easier. I make dinner so it’s ready when husband gets home. Otherwise, we eat too late and it’s hard for me to sleep. We eat, in front of the television while we enjoy our shows.

On the weekends we have kiddo. We eat every meal at the table and tend to work in the kitchen together to create the meal. Weekends are when I do a lot of things for YUM so it can get rather hectic and crazy. We use this time to talk to her about her week and we chit-chat about our time together.

I don’t eat on the run because I don’t really go anywhere during the week and on weekends I make sure we are fed before we leave if we decided to go do something. This is budgeting and planning at its finest. We can’t afford to eat every time we go out, so I just eliminate the need to.

What about you?

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  1. During the week, Hubby is at work for breakfast and lunch. When I am alone I usually eat either in my chair while on computer or in front of the TV. When Hubby is here on weekends and supper, we eat every meal together with just us. No TV. It’s a time to talk about our day etc.

    1. I shouldn’t eat in front of the tv or at my desk. I know its a bad habit, but I also get so busy that I sometimes just dont have time to sit at the table. Sitting at the table is also very hard on my back and gets uncomfortable after a while.

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with it if you are alone or even with your spouse. My Hubby and I just prefer to eat together at the table so we can talk. But we sometimes sit in front of the TV when we eat certain foods like Pizza. Maybe get more comfy chairs which I know is hard to do 🙂

        1. I hate eating at my dining table. Mostly, because as much as I looooove my table, I can’t stand the small area it has to take up residence in. But, it’s also not comfortable for me to sit at. Over the years my crooked issues have caused me serious discomfort and it seems like every pain source comes out when I have to sit at the table. I also see nothing wrong with taking my plate and sitting on the couch as long as I am not mindlessly eating and just eating whats on my plate!

          1. Couple years ago the husband bought me a $300 ergonomic office chair for Christmas. You can set the head rest, lumbar support and even the arm rests. It’s a little worse for wear now. Maybe its time to look into a new one.

          2. Oh that sounds awesome. Yea. maybe he needs to buy you another, and maybe he can add the massage one too..have you ever tried those? I’ve tried it in a mall..oh wow..so comfy lol.

          3. I’ve been looking at a chair that has a heating element and massage built in. It would be nice, especially in Michigan winters.

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