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Do You Like Coffee? #FreebieFriday

Gilmore Girls fans, I’ve got a fun treat for you. Even if you aren’t a Gilmore Girls fan, if you are a coffee lover you are going to love these fun typography printable. I admit, I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls when it was live. I don’t even remember hearing about it. I guess I had a lot going on in life at that time and was heavily engrossed in other television shows. Either way, I’m happy to share these with you guys. 

Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen. Is the classic dialogue between Luke of Luke’s Diner and Lorelei Gilmore. It’s graced tshirts, coffee mugs, and plenty of all art.

I’d like to thank Mr. YUM and his photoshop talents for creating these for me. All you have to do is click the photo and print from there.

Enjoy your freebie Friday.











Coffee fan? Gilmore Girls fan? Let’s talk.

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  1. Cute printables! I watched the Gilmore Girls sometimes, but I wasn’t such a big fan that I remember this being a saying from the show!

  2. So I have a confession to make. I’ve never watched the Gilmore Girls. I believe the show first aired when I was deployed. I just have this thing with shows. I have to watch them the from the very first season, very first episode; in order. But even though I’ve never seen the show, I love this coffee quote!

  3. I have really watched to rewatch the entire Gilmore Girls series on Netflix so these printables are great. I can definitely relate to Lorelei’s response as well.

  4. Gilmore Girls is one show that I didn’t watch and wish I had. I will have to grab it on Netflix some weekend and try and enjoy. I love the saying.

  5. I just bought my niece a coffee mug that said, “She drinks more coffee than a Gilmore.” Ha! I love all Gilmore Girls stuff! Did you hear rumors of a movie?

  6. I love both coffee and Gilmore Girls! I am really hoping for a reunion to see where Luke and Loralei ended up.

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