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#atozchallenge Things I Love About Myself

Something I love about myself.

I love that I am so opinionated.

I look at both sides of the coin. I see things from every perspective. I do not boast or brag. I (try to) never judge or hate. I am not very sympathetic, but I am empathetic. I think things through before I act. I practice what I am going to say. I speak my mind. While some may not like this about me, this is something I love.

What are my most shocking opinions?

My writing sucks! It’s ok. I can admit it, not to mention, I am cool with it. I could be the #1 author in the world and it doesn’t matter because my grammar is not up to par. I need an editor. I forget things. I am only human.

Isn’t that what editors get paid to do?

I dislike Grammar Nazi’s a great deal. You know why? Because 90% of those who call you out can’t even spell grammar correctly. The next time someone calls you out for something you wrote, check them. They may be full of errors, too.

Just because you CAN write, does not mean you should. Even if you do write, doesn’t make you a writer.

When I see a post on a forum that says “I don’t no why they didn’t hired me” and the person is crying a river, so I go over to their blog or website and I am looking at every other word, misspelled. I have to sit there and question, “Who told you to write?” Or more importantly, ask yourself why you are +writing.

If you kan’t speel, find another job. Sorry, It’s the #truth.

There are many people who write because they want a job that allows them to stay home. These same people are the ones who b!tch about low paying jobs have editors with thumbs up their bums. I have seen these people pick apart an editor as if they were King Tut himself. Every other word of their rant is not used correctly and they look like a damn fool. Sit down, shut up, and go find another playground to play in because you are obviously not big enough to hang out with the rest of us.

If putting a proper sentence together gives you a migraine, find another job.

If you have to force yourself to get out of bed every morning because you dread trying to look through pages of titles to find something to write, you might need to find another career. They make a search function for a reason. Dreading your writing day is a pretty good sign that you may need to find something else to do with your time.

If you hate writing, but you need to pay the bills, find another job. I am tired of listening to you b!tch about it. You are making the rest of us miserable.

Just because you have a low budget published book with a publishing company does not make you better than me. It only means that you have some time on your hands to finish your novel and submit it. Bravo. Good for you. Want a cookie? It certainly does not make you better than me or anyone else who has yet to have a book published.

Want to self-publish? Good for you. I am all for people doing what they want to do and following their own dreams. Just do yourself and the rest of the world a favor. Please hire an editor before you publish your work. I can’t tell you how many times I downloaded an e-book only to be torn by the misspelled words. I can overlook grammar problems, spelling I can’t. Not in the day and age of spell check.

What I don’t like are snooty writers with their holier than thou attitudes blaming other writers for the state of the freelance economy. Don’t blame the writers. We all need money to pay the bills. While I do understand that there are people in the freelance writing world that are here for the wrong reasons, it does not mean we all are.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy writing all types of material. It is even better when I get paid for it. Just because I do not write for a magazine on a regular basis (I have been published) or have a bestselling novel does not make me any less of a writer than you. Just because your degree is in English and mine are in something else, does not make you better than me.

Writer’s write because they love it. That is what makes a real writer. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think there is enough room on the playground for us all.

I love that I can write for a living and I don’t care if my grammar isn’t 100% and my spelling might be wrong once in a while. I am only human. The only person who should be trying to rain on my parade are those who are 100% correct 100% of the time.

I love that I will tell it like it is. Sorry, I can’t sugarcoat life. 

I love that I am honest. 

Feel free to share any of your own opinions about the world or share something you love about yourself. 

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