10 Super Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Crafts #diy #stpatricksday

10 Super Awesome St. Patrick's Day Inspired Crafts #diy #stpatricksday

I am so thrilled St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! It’s a holiday I love to celebrate. I’m proud of my Irish heritage and even though my grandparents are no long with me, I can still celebrate in their honor.

The month of March is also Irish American Heritage Month, so here in my house we tend to celebrate the love of the green all month long. To do that, I have enlisted in the help of some of my blogger friends to put together this list of ten super awesome crafts so you can enjoy the holiday too.



DIY Leprechaun Glitter Shoes from Nelle Creations
from Dandelion Patina
from Practically Functional
from Gingerly Made




So you fabulous crafters, what’s first on your list?

Disclosure: All photos and links used with permission.

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  1. We’re not Irish so we don’t celebrate it, but the kids do stuff in school. I think that Onesie is so cute 🙂

  2. I love St Patrick’s Day and these are some great crafts to do to celebrate the holiday! Thanks for sharing, I will see which ones I can do with the trio!

  3. I love those Saint Patrick’s Day roses. Those are beautiful and so easy to do. Even for someone like me. I am going to brighten up my house with those for sure this Saint Patrick’s Day.

  4. When I was younger, St. Patrick’s Day was so amazing!
    My teachers would make the day so special with awesome crafts like these.

  5. What a fun picture of your grandparents! We’re very into Irish traditions in March. I breezed over to look at the green glittery shoes for St Patrick’s Day. Can’t wait to make them!

  6. My little leprechauns are going to have a blast making these with me! My daughter loves all things rainbow, so St. Patrick’s Day is the best holiday for her.

    1. I’ve actually been to the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I used to live in Oklahoma and we would travel to Dallas and Austin quite a bit.

  7. I too have Irish roots in my family and love St. Patrick’s Day. These crafts are so fun! I love making authentic recipes too.

  8. Ooooooo what fabulously fun craft ideas!!! My daughter just loved getting crafty. We will have to try some of these out!

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