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YUM is Going on a Weekend Getaway


This is a photo from the dock of one of my favorite places here. Although I miss my home state of Oklahoma, I have found some peace in the beauty that my current state has to offer; like all four seasons.

As a young girl, we would travel back to Michigan for summer vacations and every year my mother, grandmother, aunts and a few cousins would make the drive up north to this quaint little coastal town. I have fond memories of this place and get all choked up every time I visit. One of the first getaways the husband and I went on was to Tawas. Since then we’ve made a lot of new memories. This photo was taken at the very end of summer last year. Me, my mother, the husband, and kiddo all went up there for a day trip. The good thing is, it’s not very far, about an hour and half drive. Easy to do in a day. I do love some other places in Michigan, but this one is always going to be in my heart. It’s my happy place.

The husband is graduating tonight. He’ll finally receive is Associates in Respiratory Therapy. Then, we’ll have dinner at his favorite restaurant. Tomorrow morning he and I are hitting the road for a little trip to Tawas. It will be our first trip this year. We haven’t had a little getaway since our trip last fall to Niagara Falls. (are you seeing the water theme with me?)

This is his graduation present. It’s also time for us to get away and recharge our batteries.

It is also a work trip. I’ll be working on some restaurant reviews and travel pieces. I’m also covering the news event for the local ice cream restaurant. I can’t wait to get there tomorrow morning. I’ll be talking about it here, but its a new piece for a couple of my news outlets.  I’m also hoping it will give us some time to work on the fiction novel we’ve partnered for.

Monday I am working my first real shift for my new gig. I’m excited to tell you about that as well, but the NDA prevents me from doing so right now. But, launch is Monday so I can spill some beans then.

My life has been struck by some bad news this week as well. It’s a hard day for me today. But, I am trying to push forward and keep going.

This getaway is just what I need.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday!

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  1. This sounds like such a fun trip! Have fun! I’m excited to hear your big news on Monday! =)

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