When Your Plane Lands in San Jose and You End Up in Santa Cruz, California [photos]

You guys! I am having the most amazing adventure! It all started with the idea to take a cross-country train tip.  I put that plan in action and took a train from Michigan to Washington state. After hanging out in Seattle for a few days, I flew in to San Jose, California where my friend Sammi and I met up with our friend Jenny. From the airport we went to Santa Cruz where we spent a few beautiful sunshine days just soaking up some heat. 

This epic adventure across the US would not be complete without a new tattoo. Jenny got us off the plane and we went right to the tattoo shop where she gets all of her work done. Jenny and I got tattoos that say ‘beezie’ but she got hers in an old ways font and mine is in a runes font, so by looking at it you would never know what it says. For those who don’t know what beezie is, its slang for bitches, or in our case, best bitches. 😉


Once the tattoos were all wrapped up we went and checked in to our hotel.

Hotel Paradox 

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this place was.


And don’t get me started on their salt water pool!!!



MG Sushi


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And can I just say that Safeway supermarket probably has some of the best cheesecake I have ever had? Like for real people.



Pono Hawaiian Food

I learned what Poke was and it completely changed my world.



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Santa Cruz Coffee Roast

I didn’t get any pics from the coffee house, but let me tell you, this was one of my most amazing coffee house experience. In the short time I was there I learned so much about different roasts off coffee. Definitely a place I would love to visit again. But, it being well over 100 degree, iced coffee was all I wanted.


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Pizza My Heart

This was the coolest pizza place I had ever been to. The atmosphere was trendy but casual. And, for $5 or $7 depending on which shirt you wanted, you could get a shirt, a slice of pizza, and a drink. For a couple of tourists on a budget, this was perfect. And the pizza was pretty awesome.



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Serpent’s Kiss


We had to stop and do a little witchy shopping while in Santa Cruz…I mean, it IS Santa Cruz.



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We crammed so much into a couple of days.

I sure love my Jenny and I can’t wait until October 2018 when Sammi and I do our 2nd Annual Cross Country Beezie trip. We’ll be meeting the girls in Montana for some mountain camping and hiking. Can’t wait!

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