#atozchallenge H is for Happy



This says it all for me right now. There is not feeling like the feeling of knowing you went through the storm and came out better on the other side because of it. I can’t tell you guys enough how these last few weeks have changed me. Once I really let go of all of the drama and bullshit that was weighing me down, something amazing started to happen. I worked out harder. I smiled more. I laughed uncontrollably at nothing at all.

While some of these things are simple and everyday occurrences for some, knowing where I came from and how life had been for me these last few years, this is a huge leap forward for me.

When the ex and I first separated, I could not imagine putting myself out there; meeting people and making new friends. And, it took a while. I had to go through the mourning process of losing a family and a life I once knew. Even though things were falling apart years ago and we both knew it was coming, it did not soften the blow. Getting through the holidays was hard. I cried at every little thing. But slowly, life hurt less. I was crying less and smiling more.


I have some super awesome friends who were there for me every step of the way; cheering me on, listening to my rambles at ALL hours of the day and night. Without this support group, I would not be where I am today and that is… in a complete state of HAPPINESS.

I have found a way to turn the negative into a positive. While life is not where I want it to be, I know that I am going to get there.

One happy moment at a time. 


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