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Low-Carb Crustless “Sausage” Pizza

One of the most difficult challenges I faced these last few days is my inability to eat pizza. Maybe it’s just the convenience of having this frozen delight in my freezer, knowing in 20 minutes, I will have a meal that I didn’t have to put much effort into.
I found low-carb crust recipes from Atkins baking mix, flax, almond flour, and cauliflower. All of which takes some prep work. During the week, I don’t have much time for prep work. I could make it on the weekends, but what if the family doesn’t like the crust? Also, I can’t remember the last time we had pizza at the house on a weekend. I prefer to make home-cooked meals for kiddo when she’s here because I know she doesn’t get much of that at home.

I’ve been thinking about pizza for a while. I am checking out the availability of low-carb pizza sauces, realizing I should make my own. I am wondering what the cost would be to make at least two of them to try. I spent some time last weekend testing new recipes (which I promise I will post soon) that took ingredients that ate up my grocery budget for the week. But that is okay. The recipes turned out awesome, and I feel better about my daily food choices.
The other day, BuzzAgent sent me a new campaign for Morning Star. I love Morning Star products, but they just haven’t been within my budget these last few years. When I did Weight Watchers many years ago, these items were a staple in my diet. Hubs and I went grocery shopping last night, and I had my FREE product coupon with me. When I checked the freezer case, I wondered what I was going to be able to get. My old favorites had too many carbs. Then I saw the Tomato and Basil Pizza Vegi Burger. I checked the label, 4 net carbs per patty. I decided to try it, not knowing what I would do. 4 net carbs are a bit high for a meat product, especially when most of them are 0. But I knew I had to try. I was free after all.
Today, I made it for lunch. I cooked one side for one minute, then flipped it over and topped it with a tomato slice, some mozzarella cheese, and some black olives. I took the rest of the toppings and put them on the plate. (Excuse my Hot Wheels plate. LOL.) Then, I warmed it for another 45 seconds. Then, I took three lettuce leaves and wrapped them around the veggie patty. I took a bite. I was in happy heaven. It tasted just like a sausage pizza.
I was so excited I texted Hubs right away. I know he needs to eat better, too, but I can’t deprive him of everything he loves. So, he can still enjoy his pizza once in a while, and I will keep a box of these handy for those pizza nights.
5 out of 5 stars for me.
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