5 Ways to Find Out What to Read Next

5 Ways to Find Out What to Read Next | Nevermore Lane

Reading a good book is one of the best ways you can relax and experience a little bit of escapism in today’s busy setting. Once you’ve finished a great story or a thrilling book series, it’s common to want to read another top title right away. If your favorite authors haven’t published anything new recently, though, it can be tough. Here are five ways to get awesome book recommendations for your next great story.
1. Book Recommendations Website
Today, with the power of information and the ease of online web surfing, millions of readers can access book recommendations through reading websites. Popular book recommendations websites like Goodreads (follow me there) allow readers to share their favorite titles and get suggestions about what to read next. In many cases, you can get useful personalized recommendations based on your favorite genres and authors. Then, you can rate and review each book you finish to get even more targeted suggestions. Additionally, many of these websites offer message board areas to allow book lovers to discuss their favorite titles in more detail.

2. Book Club
Another way you can fuel your book addiction is by joining a local book club. Many neighborhoods have book clubs based on age groups, gender, or book genre. The great thing about book clubs is everyone reads the same title. While everyone is reading, club members typically discuss important storylines, conflict, characters, and other literary elements. For many bibliophiles, these sharing sessions help them get more out of their favorite stories.

3. Google Keyword Search
Using a Google search is another great way to help you get instant book recommendations after finishing a great title. The key is to frame your keyword search in the right way so you get results that are relevant to you. Instead of simply typing the title of a book you’ve read into the search box, try typing the title and adding the phrase, “books like” before your title. Keyword searching has evolved so much recently, due to advances from graduates of top communications programs like USC, that you can have a much easier time of finding what you’re looking for.

4. Your Local Library
Another place to visit for reading recommendations is your local library. While many readers today consume books electronically through mobile devices, your library of physical books is still a great resource for your future favorites. Head straight to your library’s information desk to get great recommendations from your librarian. Librarians, who typically have advanced degrees, may be able to help you find the perfect read. These professionals often navigate through issues related to book censorship and digital literacy on a daily basis. You can learn more about what else they do through USC’s online library science masters program website.

5. Friends and Family
Finally, you can always try to get some help from your family and friends for book recommendations. While not everyone in your inner circle has the same literary taste, you may be surprised at where your next favorite reading suggestion may come from.

You can continue to fuel your reading addiction by being creative when looking for recommendations for your next book. Try these sources to help keep up your reading habit.



What is your favorite way to seek out new reads?

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