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5 Landscaping Ideas to Boost Envy of the Neighbors

our post: 5 Landscaping Ideas to Boost Envy of the Neighbors

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Landscaping is a quick way to engage the neighborhood. A beautifully sculpted lawn can do wonders for popularity as well as curb appeal. After all, it’s the first thing a potential buyer will see should you decide to sell. For what ever reason, landscaping can do much to improve how the home looks from the outside. Here are five ways you can turn an ordinary lawn into a masterpiece.

Stone Pavers

Instead of plain cement used as the walkway, why not install stone pavers? These flat rocks give a more natural appearance to paths and walkways. Because nature uses an extensive palette herself, you can find these stones in a variety of colors. You can use them for creating a path around the house or connecting the home to the public sidewalk.

Miniature Pond

Although not everyone has enough space to install a small pond, these bodies of water have potential for being quite entrancing. Some homeowners will even go so far as to add fish such as Koi. However, ponds take a bit of work to maintain as you need to keep an eye on algae buildup.


Many homeowners believe waterfalls to be an incredible investment to the property. Not only are they nice to look at, but the soothing sounds of running water is often relaxing. In fact, some people will design waterfalls to feed into a miniature pond and bring more of the natural presence to the property.

Raised Flower Beds

A raised flower bed often attracts the eyes. Depending on how tall they are, you’ll also find these flower beds to be easier to weed and plant. Homeowners will often plant trees in the center and surround it with vibrant flowers. Using a brick or rock wall also helps keep debris and pets from invading the plant life.

Natural Stone Firepit

Firepits are a common addition to many homes as they provide comfort and a place to entertain guests. It’s like adding the ambiance of a camp fire to the yard. An elaborate design with stone also makes these additions safe and alluring with the right type of rock.

The Secret to Stunning Landscaping

Elevate your landscaping game and leave your neighbors envious by incorporating quail chicks into your outdoor space. These small birds add charm and provide natural pest control and fertilization, enhancing the health and beauty of your garden. Whether roaming freely or housed in a designated area, quail chicks bring life and vitality to your landscape, making it a standout feature in the neighborhood.

Essentially, the yard is simply a blank canvas awaiting your brush. With the blank canvas, your ideas and creativity can come to life. From rock gardens to elegant waterfalls, there is much that can be done with the space around your home.

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  1. I love raised flower beds. They look so beautiful and classy. I also love the idea of the natural stones for a fire pit. Some of the best memories are created around a fire pit!

  2. Oh yes, the curb appeal is important! I always look at other’s lawns as we are driving past other homes. I love a great yard! I am pleased that I actually have everything on your list with the exception of a waterfall although I have a small one in our little garden pond. Not an actual waterfall though.
    Great post!

  3. These are super easy ways to spruce up curb appeal. I Love how you gave me some more inspiration to get landscaping before we lose the good weather, will try your ideas!

  4. I like stone pavers and the stone fireplace for sure! I love when yards have flowers all over… my parents are big time gardeners and have taught me a ton about how to plant different flowers throughout the yard so that they are timed when certain flowers bloom early and are fishing up then the other later bloomers flower and that way you always have color… I hope that makes since?!
    Well, love your ideas!

  5. I think that colorful flowers, well kept flower beds, a clean front porch and appropriate seasonal decor really make a home stand out and have great curb appeal. I don’t like a lot of clutter in a yard.

  6. Awesome ideas. I have always wanted to have a little zen garden – complete with a miniature pond, koi, and a waterfall. It would be my sanctuary. A perfect place to relax and recharge right in my own home.

  7. I would love to use these suggestions on our future home. We currently rent, so we can’t do much.

  8. Neighbors really do compete when it comes to lawn care, lol. I used to laugh if one went out to do something, because it wasn’t long before others were following suit. 😉 All makes for a great collective neighborhood, eh? As for me? I’d love a pond!

  9. I was just working in my yard, and thinking of how much needs to be done. Something like stone would cut back on my yardwork. Need more low maintenance things that will impress the neighbors.

  10. I love all these ideas! We plan to move, hopefully next year, so anything we can do to create curb appeal is a good thing! I especially like raised flower beds, and that’s something we’re working on designing and hubby will be building.

  11. We hit three of the five on this list in the last year and it absolutely made a huge difference in how the house looks. I love the raised garden in the back, myself, now that it’s harvest time.

  12. Oh yes, decorating the yard with all kind of beautiful plants and trees (evergreen trees) is a great way to build a strong bond with your neighbors.
    I live on a new street located at the outskirts of the city, and here we have only new homes and new neighbors.
    I have already seen some of my neighbors coming to my door to see the yard, so the relationship with them is already there.

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