Principles To Rely On In Stressful Times

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In modern life, stress can arise from a variety of situations. A bad month at work, trying to cut out a bad habit, breaking up with your partner – the list can go on and on. Most importantly, we all react differently to the stress in our lives.

or some it’s just another day you have to get through, for others it’s the worst thing you’ve ever had to deal with, and that’s what makes stress busting techniques so hard to apply. What works for someone else might not even touch what you’re going through! 

But when you’ve got a few reliable principles to work with, you can remind yourself of them when the going gets tough. Talking to yourself kindly and gently will always be better than beating yourself up. 

You Know Yourself Best

If you spend all your time with someone, you’ll get to know them pretty well. Guess what? You spend all your time with yourself! That means you’re always going to know yourself best. You’re always going to be the one person who has the deepest insight into what you’re thinking and feeling, and being able to trust yourself about these instincts is key to beating stress. 

It’s the core principle of self healing techniques. If you can reach inside yourself, you have the chance to shed yourself of the stress that’s blocking your energy, motivation, and determination. Turning to a counsellor or healer can help with this, if you’re not sure where to start yourself. But above all else, remember one thing: stressful times are the worst thing for tricking people into thinking they’re incapable, but we’re here to remind you that you are! 

Stressful Times Don’t Last Forever

Even the stress reaction has to fade away at some point. It’s why anxiety attacks come to an end after you’ve gotten all that nervous energy out. It’s also why you’ll wake up one day and feel like you can breathe again. Stressful times come and go, and while you’ll deal with quite a few in your lifetime, none of them will be the core of it. 

If you need reminding of this principle in particular, look back on old memories. Go through old photos, talk to loved ones about old times you spent together, and think about what else was going on during those times. Not only were there good times to be had, but the stress came and went just as swiftly. That means one thing right now: you’ll get through this! 

If you’re going through something stressful right now, keep these two things in mind. One, you’re the best person for getting yourself through this, and two, it won’t last forever. Nothing does, and that’s quite the comfort when you’re under a lot of pressure! So get to know yourself again, believe in what you can do, and always remember that tomorrow will have something new for you. 

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