Don’t Put That Vacation Off: Why Taking A Break Is So Good For You

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It’s not good to be busy 24/7. While it may make you feel productive and help you feel like you’re advancing your career, the more you have to do, the less time you’ll have to yourself. That’s not good for your mind or body. You need a few hours, preferably per day, to spend on your own energy, health, and relaxation.

That’s why you should never put off your vacation time. Sure, when your work assigns PTO, you can let the days add up, but make sure you’ve taken them by the end of the year! If you don’t, it’s going to get a lot harder to feel well in your brain and across your body. 

Aches and pains will become the norm, the feeling of stress will never quite go away, and you’ll never get the chance to feel truly like yourself again. Indeed, working all the time can easily lead to depression. If you don’t give yourself the chance to look at life in any other way, you’ll feel stuck in a cycle you’ll never escape from! 

So, think about taking a break. It really is the best thing for you! 

The Outside World is Good for You

It really is! You need to be able to see and feel the sun, listen to the trees rustle in the breeze, and take a deep breath of fresh, outdoor air regularly. Doing so will remind you of just how special the world can be and your part within it. 

If you haven’t been out just to be out in a long time, why not take five minutes right now? Head out into the garden and make sure you experience all of the things above. It’s good to reconnect with this little bit of nature and soak up the organic goodness they have for you. 

Time Off is a Chance to Heal

Healing is a little different for everyone. You’ll never get the chance to discover what works for you if you never have the time off to go on your own journey. If all your attention and focus is taken up on completing that project on time, you could even let your need to heal slip to a dangerously low point. This is the best thing taking time off can do for you: provide a chance to slow down and redirect.

If you feel on edge or like you may do something drastic, use this time to find a treatment center. BIG SKY Treatment is a great place to start, but do some research into visiting a therapy center or an outpatient center that’s best for you. Healing and recovery is best done when supported by the right people. 

You can get much support for your combined mental and physical health needs through these centers’ programs. These kinds of programs allow you to focus on self-empowerment while you’ve got the time and energy to do so. Once you can spend time on yourself and what you need, you can take your inner strength from a low ebb to the highest level it’s ever been.  

Breaks Offer a Stress-Free Period

Are you finding it hard to live life due to stress? Taking a break can get you away from that feeling. If you’re not having to put up with the same few things over and over again, you’re far less likely to feel like there’s a weight crushing your chest and your mind will slow down to a peaceful crawl. 

It’s why most people like to actually ‘get away’ when they have some vacation time. It gives them the chance to shake off the feeling of stress and focus on something different. You won’t see the same buildings, people, and social situations if you’re in a different country (or a different town/city/state). 

Focus on making this mental difference and remind yourself of how different life can be. You might find yourself able to take some deep breaths again. 

You Can Put Distance Between Yourself and What’s Going On

Like the point above, a break allows you to get away physically and mentally. Each step away from your job or a toxic friend is the path to freedom and puts a bit more distance between you and what’s stopping you from feeling like yourself. 

Think of this distance as making the trouble back home smaller and smaller. Even just getting on a plane and climbing high into the sky can show you how little the issues your mind is focusing on are. 

The less you feel drained about the issues in your life, the more you’ll be able to face them. Give yourself time for a break and then return with renewed energy and purpose. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put that problem to bed! 

You’ll Run on Empty Until You Do

This really is the crux of taking a break. If you haven’t done so for the past five to ten years, you will have been running on empty for a long time. That’s the worst kind of realization to come to, but it’s an important one. 

Running on empty means there’s nothing to put into the things that matter to you. All you have are fumes to use, and that won’t fulfill you or your loved ones in the long run. 

When you put off taking a break, you do yourself the biggest disservice in the world. Take your time off, make sure you go on vacation, and have some time thinking about nothing except the next fun thing you can get involved in. Your life should be about you and what you care about, but that doesn’t mean you should think about work every minute! 

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