The Yuck Stops Here #8


Wow! The weeks are just flying by. It seems like yesterday was just December and here we are already in mid-May. It’s so crazy!

It’s a great day to have a party, you know why?

Because it’s Mr. YUMs  birthday!


Sounds like just as good of time as any to have a recipe party to me!

I’m sure he’ll appreciate all the good foodie posts. I know he secretly stalks my page 😉

Grill season is here and I’m getting ready by bringing back my turkey burgers and zucchini fries.

datsgoodturkeyburger t z fries up close and personal

I’ve also got a fun grill recipe in the works that will be popping up next week.

What have you guys been working on?? Share with me by linking up to The Yuck Stops Here!




We’re still looking for a few good hosts!

Hosting brings traffic to your blog, gives you exposure, gives you an opportunity to meet new bloggy friends and improve your social status and gives you tons of great recipes as resources for things like roundups! If you would be interested in joining us in our effort to Stop the YUCK everywhere, hop over to our The Yuck Stops Here Hosting Info page for more information. All bloggers are welcome


Please remember that this is a RECIPES only party, recipe tips are welcome, but crafts, etc. belong somewhere else (not that we don’t LOVE them, we’re just sticking to recipes here)!

Each week, each of our awesome Co-Hosts will pick a special feature, so please visit each of their sites to see who’s recipe made the cut! We will also feature the MOST CLICKED post. ALL of the featured posts will be pinned, tweeted and shared on all of our social media sites. All links will be pinned to my The Yuck Stops Here Pinterest Page so please feel free to visit. :-)

What to do:

  • Link up your delicious recipe posts!
  • Don’t Re-link (if you’ve linked it here before, don’t link it here again).
  • Link directly to the recipe post, not to your home page.
  • Include ONLY family friendly links.
  • Include a link back to the party (grab the button in my sidebar if you like to make linking back easy or just link back on your post – here’s some info on how to link back)
  • As a courtesy to others, visit other posts (I usually visit at least 3) and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

MEET YOUR HOSTS! Please follow each host via at least ONE social media platform, and visit each host’s website to check out their features for the week!

Host: Cheryl King – Hot Momma’s Kitchen Chaos


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Co-host Chrystal Mahan – Yum Eating

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This Weeks Features:

The Most Clicked Post was:

the yuck stops here #7 most clicked

Country Fried Steak and Gravy from Huddlenet. Sometimes I just get a craving for Chicken/Country Fried Steak. Now I’ll be able to fix it myself! Stacy shares the difference between Chicken Fried Steak and Country Fried Steak, tips on how to best prepare fried foods, and, of course, the delicious recipe. You’ve got to swing over to check out this yummy looking recipe!


I knew the minute I saw the juicy strawberries partnered with spinach I was going to be in love. But, what really pushed me over the drool stage was those goat cheese medallions. Goat cheese is one of my personal favorites, but I loved that Norma toasted quinoa and rolled the cheese in it. This salad packs a lot of protein and nutritional power!


If you were featured, grab an “I’ve Been Featured” button to show everyone how awesome you are! And remember, each co-host chooses her favorites, so click over to the other co-hosts to check out their favorites for this week!

The Yuck Stops Here


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  1. Thank you so much for hosting!!! I couldn’t find your button to link back with but I did add a link back in the post itself. There are some other really yummy things here I can’t wait to try! Thanks again!

    1. BreeAnna, thank you for brining that to my attention. That’s what I get for not checking over the coding. I just copy from Cheryl! My buttons are all on my link party page. I’ll have to make sure I have the actual code up next week. I do have a button for YUM, too. I guess now I have a reason to use it! 😉

        1. Did one even better, put the code box right on the link party. Just under the first pic. I got sidetracked (so easy to do in the blogging world) and now I am moving a few things around on the site. Going to make a space on my sidebar for my personal button. I hope I can get it to turn out right. I have the worst time with codes and making those boxes!

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