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tysh-logo-photo-013-1024x822Hey guys!


You hear that?

That’s the sound of growing pains. Only, the good kind of pain I guess 😉 We have another new co-host joining us this week on our #stoptheyuck so I hope you all will  make her feel welcome! I love that there are so many wonderful foodies out there and appreciate each and EVERY one of you who link up and share the yummy stuff. 


For the month of August, foodies are gathering together to celebrate Julia Child. Her birthday is August 15. Sadly, she also passed away this month in 2004. I started celebrating her life on the 1st, with a collection of 12 recipes. I would love for you to hop over and check it out.

So, I am going to be honest. Last week I went right towards the Simply Smokin’ Salmon Burger by Robyn at Simply Fresh Dinners. I am not going to pick her as my feature this week because I don’t want y’all to think I am completely biased. But I have to be honest. I just adore her and her recipes. She creates just the type of recipes I have to eat right now. So, I would really love it if you guys could all head over there and show her some love. It would really warm my heart. Plus, it makes her blush. 😉


This week’s Most Clicked was:

The Yuck Stops Here #18 Most Clicked - Fresh Garden Salsa from I Heart Food|Hot Momma's Kitchen Chaos

Fresh Garden Salsa from I Heart Food

The MOST CLICKED is always my featured picture which runs on my home page!

tysh logo photo 01

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We have another BRAND NEW Host this week! Please welcome Shirley from Intelligent Domestications to the party by following her on at least ONE of her social media platoforms!

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This week’s Features:

I have to say I am extremely excite to see Nicole over at I Heart Food featured this week. She’s rebranded herself and switched blog domains and names. She’s been frantically working to move her posts from one site to the other. I can tell you personally, that is not fun. I like to consider her one of my online ‘besties’ in the blogging world. We bug each other quite often. We’re like officemates, only across the states from each other. So, continue giving her your love! strawberry chocolate tart As for my personal favorite from last week, I pick Winnie. I have been following Winnie’s blog for some time now over at Winnish. She makes the most delectable desserts. When you visit, make sure you click ‘yes’ for Google translate. 😉 So, I give you guys these amazing No Bake Frozen Strawberry Chocolate Tarts – Gluten Free.


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The Yuck Stops Here


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  1. There is nothing like fresh homemade salsa. The only downside for me is that it gives me some wicked heartburn. I just have to remember to take a Pepcid beforehand and I am good to eat the whole bowl of it.

  2. Those gluten free tarts look delicious. I bet my daughter will love them! Checking out that garden salsa as well, we have an abundance of tomatoes.

  3. We went through two batches of fresh garden salsa this week in our home. I call it pico because it is so chunky that it really isn’t much sauce. We love it.

  4. I do love a fresh garden salsa and that picture up there makes me hungry for some. It goes with so many things too!! Yummy way to use summer veggies. 🙂

  5. Hi Chrystal,
    I’m just back from a much needed break and wanted to say thank you for your lovely words. I have no idea how I’m ever going to live up to your kind comments and expectations!! lol. Oh, the pressure!
    Your thoughtfulness truly makes my day – you’re a doll!
    Have a great day. 🙂

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