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tysh-logo-photo-013-1024x822Well will you look at that! Week 16! That means we are 4 months old!

There is a lot of excitement buzzing around here in the YUM household. Next Tuesday, July 22 is my birthday and I have a special treat for you guys. If you are not subscribed, please do so as I don’t want you to miss out.

Want a hint? If you have an iPhone or know someone with one who loves iPhoneography, you’ll want to make sure you stop by and see me next week.

I’ve been reading a lot this week from a book I purchased a while back ago, “Plate to Pixel.” I am trying to absorb everything I can about styling and lighting for food photography. I am a little behind on the buttons and gadget functions on my dslr. I purchased the camera about the same time YUM was born. So, I still have a lot way to go. Someday, I’ll be a pro 😉 Of course, then there is the learning curve with Lightroom and Photoshop. That is still a work in process. 

Lastly, before we dive into the nuts and bolts of why we are here, I wanted to share this:


Isn’t that super adorable? I love Flirty Aprons. It just so happens that right now Flirty Apron are having an ‘irregular’ sale. You know what that means right? Some silly minor flaw = deeply discounted super cute and fun aprons.

It is time for the 4th Annual Flirty Aprons irregular sale. These aprons have minor flaws that are hardly noticeable, some not at all. Huge discounted prices on many Flirty items.  Flirty Aprons Irregular Sale, starting at $4.49, sale ends 7/18, no code necessary 


I do believe last week was our biggest turnout yet! 65 Posts! Yah!

NOTE: Something else I want to touch base on here. Please, please make sure when you link that you 1) have linked back to us in some way, whether its a direct link in your post, our button on our sidebar or our button on a link party page hosted on your website. We have a lot of folks linking and not giving us credit back. 2) please do not link and run. A lot of work goes into recipe creation. Please, if you want people to visit you then you really should pay it forward and practice the power of three. Take time to visit at least 3 recipes and leave a comment. Bonus if you social share. Cheryl and I visit each and every one of the posts in our link. We comment on ALL and we social share. That is VERY time-consuming. So PLEASE, be kind and pay forward your respects to fellow foodies. This is supposed to be fun, but it is also a lot of work, so don’t make me slap your hands 

The button also helps others learn about the party. More party people, more pageviews and social shares for all of us!

I can’t stress enough, if there are ANY of you fabulous foodies who wish to co-host with us – please let us  know. 


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The Yuck Stops Here



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The Yuck Stops Here 15 Most Clicked - Sausage Gravy Corn Chowder Broccoli Soup|Hot Momma's Kitchen ChosSausage Gravy Corn Chowder Broccoli Soup from Poems & Quotes Finder



fudge chocolate cake

This week my pick is not a healthy recipe, but that’s ok. My eyes are always drawn to homemade chocolate cake. It’s a curse I tell you. My mother used to make her grandmothers homemade salad dressing cake with homemade fudge frosting when I was younger and it’s always her go-to cake for celebrations. One look at Paige’s frosting and I could tell there was some yummy homemade goodness in there. Check out the full recipe on The Happy Flammily. I picked her Chocolate Fudge Cake because not only does it look so simple and fresh with her choice of colors for photo props, it uses all real ingredients. No box mix here. I love that. She put the work and effort in and look at her reward. Now, if only I could get her to invite me over for dessert.

I mean, it ISSSS my birthday next week 😉


If you were featured, grab an “I’ve Been Featured” button to show everyone how awesome you are! And remember, each co-host chooses her favorites, so click over to Cheryl at Hot Momma’s Kitchen Chaosto check out her favorites for this week!

The Yuck Stops Here


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  1. Thank you Chrystal for the party 🙂
    I hope you’re having a quite week.
    Here we’re facing some difficult time – in between linking 2 posts to your party we had here 2 sirens and I had less than a minute and a half to get to safe place

  2. July birthdays rule, don’t they? I just celebrated mine last week 🙂 Oh, and I am obsessed with iPhone pictures, so I can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeve.

    1. Yes they do! I do hope you will stop back by Tuesday. I hope to drop by FB group, but I am also hoping husband is taking me out for the day since he took the day off 😉 It should autopost to my YUMeating FB page though.

    1. I know. I actually thought about getting 2! I have this great Wonder Woman one my husband purchased of Etsy for Christmas that I just love. I also have an Irish one that my MIL picked up. I get messy in the kitchen!

  3. Happy early birthday Chrystal! I have a foodie post to share this week and linked up. Thanks for the invite and have a super week ahead.

  4. So Plate to Pixel sounds really interesting, even for someone who isn’t a full-time food blogger. (I do blog food/recipes sometimes.) I’ll have to check it out!

  5. Morning Chrystal,
    I’m late this week but I’m finally here, lol.
    I love Plate to Pixel and have learned a lot from it and I’m only on chapter 4! The fun thing about photography is that we`ll be learning forever although sometimes I wish that learning curve didn`t feel so steep!
    Thanks so much for hosting, sweet lady. I hope you`re having a great week!

  6. The apron is so cute, I have an apron addiction. Even though I rarely find the time to cook things worth wearing an apron for. One day, One day! lol

    1. I started back in 2004 on Gimp. Before that I used Paint Shop Pro and its since changed owners. You would think I would get Photoshop, but it’s just so overwhelming. I have convinced myself I am just going to take a class on campus or something.

    1. Thats awesome! My grandmothers birthday is that day. I always do my birthday up right because she is no longer with us, so I honor her too.

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