Toy Review: Monster High Geek Shiek Howleen Wolf

I have bad news! This is the last of the pre recorded summer toy review video series. Summer and pretty much left the building. Kiddo is back in school and we’ve finally got our backlog of toy review Monster High videos. Now, we’re going to going forward with new toys (starting with my summer birthday) to open and review.

I’m really excited about this portion of Nevermore Lane because we are going to be making a few minor (or major depending on how you look at it) around here. Hubs has a woodworking workshop out in our barn. He’s been slowly buying new equipment since we had the new space built a few years ago after the township had us knock the super old barn down. Thank goodness for homeowners insurance.

Anyway, now that he is done with school and adjusting to his career in life, he’s ready to get back to the hobby he’s loved since he was a kid. He has been taking photos and set up a a Lumber Jocks profile. I’m trying to get him to start a YouTube channel, too. I’d love to share his crafty stuff here, too. So, hey! We’ve gone and started an Etsy store. 

But, that is not all we are going to put on Etsy. Kiddo has been creating My Little Pony outfits. I’m really excited about this because I made a ton of clothes for my Barbies. She really wants to learn how to get better and create more outfits for her Monster High too. We have plans to get our sewing machines out and get creating.

Maybe this is just what I need to finally finish that plastic canvas Kens bedroom I started for the apartment next to the Barbie house. I can make it Monster High colors and use……. yeah, getting ahead of myself.

Another thing I have been doing to step away from blogging so much (let’s face it, my fingers hurt, my arms hurt and my crooked body is in a lot of pain lately) is to work on jewelry again with my mom. This was something we did when I was in high school and stopped a few years ago.  That stuff will be on Etsy too. I am also looking for other creative sites like Etsy to utilize as well.

I LOVE blogging, don’t get me wrong. But I have been doing it for 20 (yes, TWENTY!) years and my body is a little  lot worn out from it; mentally and physically.

We’ll still be sharing the same great things you’ve come to love from YUM eating’s sister site, but we’ll be adding a lot more family arts and crafts projects.

We’re even heading back to eBay and Amazon!

Because, my home is your home. Wherever we make it.

Now that I have that stuff out of the way, here is kiddo talking about Geek Shiek Howleen Wolf



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Has life taken you in a different direction lately?

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