(OSU) Oklahoma State University Cupcakes #GoPokes #BleedOrange
  • Chocolate cupcake recipe
  • Vanilla frosting recipe
  • Royal icing recipe
  1. For the OSU:
  2. -Locate a picture of the Oklahoma State University logo on Google. Print the picture in color. Tape this picture with small numerous logos of it on it to a cookie sheet.
  3. -Tape wax paper (covering the copies of the logo) to the cookie sheet . Follow the color and features as printed on the paper.
  4. -Using a small pastry bag fill with the black royal icing and a #2 tip. Start by outlining the logo first. Fill in the logo ( don't fill in the OSU with the black) with the black icing. Allow this to dry for 30 minutes. Following the outlines of the printed logos.
  5. -Using a small pastry bag fill with the orange royal icing and a #2 tip. Start by outlining the OSU logo first then fill the logo in.
  6. -Allow to dry for 5-10 hours.
  7. -Ensure that the image is dry, gently touch one of them with your finger if it allows you to push in on the icing allow it to dry more. If the image is dry then it will have a hard feeling not allowing you to push in on it.
  8. -Cut the wax paper holding the completed image into squares surrounding the completed design.
  9. -Once the image is dry, carefully peel the wax paper off of the back of the images.
  10. - Place on the frosted cupcake.
Recipe by Nevermore Lane at https://nevermorelane.com/osu-oklahoma-state-university-cupcakes-gopokes-bleedorange/